"Date Night" Inadequate Sentence in Domestic Violence Case

If a man puts his hands on his wife's neck in anger and throws her against a couch, at least one judge thinks that a date night at Red Lobster, bowling, and some flowers are enough to set things right....more
Very often men who abuse their wives and children are suffering from a depression that can only ...more

5 Ways to Handle the Intense Emotions after Rape

The trauma of being raped can lead to physical as well as emotional pain. It is important for rape survivors to learn effective ways of handling their emotions after their ordeal.Some of the emotional symptoms that rape survivors experience include:Difficulty concentrating - Confusion  - Depression  - Panic attacks -  Mysterious emotional outbursts - Anxiety  - More intense fears often resulting in phobias etc...more

Angels Got my Back

We are each of us angels with only one wing, and we can only fly by embracing one another.  ~Luciano de Crescenzo   I am able to go out and greet  the world each day, because I know angels have "got my back".  Probably not the angels you are thinking ab...more

She was battered and broken, but she was beautiful

 Our assignment was to write about something we find beautiful, which is not appealing to everyone.  Can we find beauty in things like death, pain, sadness or hurt?  Our professor said, "Tell me about finding beauty where others see none" and  I instantly thought of my day at the courthouse about a year ago. ...more

Wake up, People! Domestic Violence is an Epidemic!

While the intent of my blog is to chronicle the journey of surviving and healing after abuse, it's worth speaking about the main catalyst of my blog in the first place. Domestic Violence. I doubt I would be blogging if I hadn't been assaulted.  Here are the facts: On the average, more than three...more
Yes, it is tragedy that our population doesn't realize it's abuse unless we are put in the ...more

Learning to Forgive after Domestic Violence

Learning to Forgive after Domestic Violence   Today marks the one year anniversary of sending my husband to jail for assault.  It has been a day of reflection for me.  I wondered how I would feel when this day came.  I could relive those awful memories of my husband slamming my head into the tile floor in front of our son or of the police handcuffing my husband and putting him in the back of the police SUV.  Or I can focus on the positive changes in my life since that terrible night. ...more



Raising Men- Integrity not optional



 A couple months ago I blogged about a man I know- the blog was titled "Gilded Mediocrity"- here's the link: http://nokomis-daughterofthemoon.blogspot.com/2011/08/guilded-mediocrity.html ...more
This was a difficult post for me to publish. I think about this dilemma everyday. The fact that ...more

What If "Love" Hurts? #ITTTD

On Thursday, I did something really important.  As a member of BlogHer, I participated in the 8th annual It's Time to Talk Day (#ITTTD) [http://www.loveisnotabuse.com], a national day of dialogue and awareness for domestic violence, sexual assault and teen dating abuse sponsored by Liz Claiborne, Inc. Bloggers, members of the press, and government officials were invited to spend time with advocates who are dedicated to lessening the acts and the effects of domestic violence. ...more