Feral Domesticity

A post about the joy of being a homemaker without being shackled by unreasonable and toxic expectations...www.thehoneybeeandthehare.com/feral-domesticity...more

Motherhood Made Me a Domestic Goddess By Necessity

Over time, however, I have learned to cook a wide range of dishes (I don’t really like scrambled eggs, so I had to branch out), and I even invested in a laundry basket. On the domesticity continuum, I now fall somewhere between mountain lion and house cat. I attribute this drastic improvement to having a baby. I now pour over recipe books trying to find the healthiest, tastiest recipes to feed my daughter, so that she can then fling these carefully-crafted delicacies onto the ceiling. Awesome....more
 @hollowtreeventures  Thanks! You can never go wrong with ramen noodles ;)more

Organized? Not So Much

I am not an extraordinarily organized person in my everyday life, although I have been taught to be so. If I were able to post a picture of the coffee table or my sewing area right now, I could easily confirm this. I often do not know the latest landing place of my phone, my glasses or my water bottle . Darling husband can attest to this. However, if I am involved in planning a wedding, or even a birthday dinner at home for one of my darlings, I will have lists and notes and ideas all gathered, more or less, in a central location. And though it may appear that there is a haphazardness to it, if I write it down, I have it in my head as well....more

I'll have to let you know how that works out in a future blog post!!! more

Wallowing Domestic

I'm hosting a Pampered Chef party tonight. I think it will be lots of fun, they always are. I always like the bonus of free stuff, although I'm not sure how much hostess credit I'll get this time because my friends and I are all collectively broke. Oh well, you can't go wrong when someone comes to your house to cook and showcase cool kitchen gadgets. If nothing else, it will be fun. And maybe I'll earn enough hostess credit to get a free cutting board -- I really need a good one. ...more

Way to rock the patriarchy. Seriously.

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