The Devil's Spawn has Four Legs and a Furry Tail

Lately I've been waking up with heart palpitations in the morning.  I don't really need to wonder about the reason though: it's not a physical health issue. It has more to do with the pitter-patter of big furry feet roaming around the bedroom in search of food. And the ear-piercing banshee screams at 4 am when one of my little furballs gets attacked by the Son of Satan....more
Have you taken him to more than one vet who refuses to prescribe anti-anxiety meds?more

The Troubling Message in Fifty Shades of Grey

As someone who believes the world could do with a more open-minded approach to peoples consensual sexual interests, I wanted to like Fifty Shades of Grey. But as I read the book, I found it not only sets people who live a BDSM lifestyle back decades in terms of being understood by society, but that it eroticizes dangerous practices as well, especially for those who are new to this aspect of sexuality and looking to incorporate it into their lives. ...more
foalpapers Geeze, I thought it was just a popular sexytime book. This is horrible :(more

Dominant Man

Propensity for Submission                                           ...more

Well cripes, two in one day cant be bad can it...

  Well poop! Yall get smacked with a second helping of self pity. Its a whopping big dose and I am sure there is enough for everyone to join the party! I sat down here with the intention of working on how I feel about my self image. I don't like it!I hate it and truth be told I tend to abuse it. Not with drugs or alcohol but with my mind. If there was something there that was acceptable in my mind I take it and turn it to poop! ...more

Around the block

I did it again. I sat down to write a blog and then talked myself out of it. I mean why bother! Thing is its part of a pattern that I am trying to break. I want to live again and be whole and to do that I need to shake off the "why bother" attitude. I need to jump in with both feet, grab the gold ring, go for the gusto! I doubt I will do any of those today but I will get out of bed. I will shower and maybe clean the office. Maybe work on what is wrong and what is right. ...more