Degrees of Infidelity – Which is Worse?

(To see the photo of the cheaters' gallery see my blog: I wrote this two days ago before Anthony Weiner confessed to his internet escapades, so have added a footnote about his now widely discussed degree of evil at the end of this post. The other evening over dinner, while talking with my husband and a woman friend, after pondering such gentlemen as Arnold Schwarzenegger, John Edwards and Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I posed the (totally theoretical, you understand) question: What is the worst kind of cheating husband? ...more

Arnold and Dominique: Adultery (aka Folie) a Deux

One of the most influential men in the entire world stands accused of violent rape. He was thought to have left the fancy hotel. He had not left. He allegedly laid in wait. Allegedly naked. And she reportedly is HIV positive, will he now sue her for "deliberate endangerment by exposure to a virus" or some other legal term? His well paid attorney is now saying it was a ‘set up’ to ruin Mr Strauss-Kahn’s political potential....more