Never Mind the Hamilton

 I find joy giving a person a hand up. So for an entire year, every year I would put ten spot in envelope and send it a random address. Sorry I don't recall the year. It doesn't matter....more

How to Buy Happiness- Really!

We know, it sounds funny, but in the spirit of the season we thought you might enjoy this meaningful, but funny, video which reminds us what we at Big Change already know - giving makes you happier.Want to know how money really CAN buy you happiness?  Check out TEDx presenter and researcher Michael Norton's TED talk: ...more

The Kitchen Think: Eat Out to Help Out

September is “No Kid Hungry” month and there’s an easy way for you to help: feed yourself....more

Donate Your Dress; Make a Girl’s Dream Come True

 Prom dress (Photo credit: ricklibrarian)...more