Black Friday destroys village livelihoods in Vanuatu

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I Don't Want Your Ugly Old Stuff

Dear Mouthy Housewives,I just had my third baby a few months ago, and I'm being overwhelmed by my friends dropping off hand-me-downs. ...more
1. It's yours now you can do what you want 2. It is quite possible she had the same thing done ...more

The Blue Car

A few weeks ago, my husband and I took our boys, Miles (5) and Spencer (3) to see Santa. We had put it off several times because it just seemed like a big ordeal, we knew it would be busy, and we just wanted it to be "right."...more

Over-Giving: Are You Putting Your Business at Risk?

Lately I've been on a weekly pilgrimage to a local microbrewery to try their new beers and fill my growler. While I'm not a huge beer drinker (more of a wine geek), I like good and interesting brews. I particularly love this brewery for their innovative creations. Their friendliness is a huge boost as well. They are up and coming and growing fast with a loyal following. Recently while I was sipping my samples, the owner was having a conversation with someone who stopped in looking for a donation for an upcoming event and my ears perked up as I overheard some of what was said. ...more
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Use Goodwill with Good Will

Being the holiday season, we've made a few trips to Goodwill, dropping off old, unused toys, and picking up new (to us) ones!I'm not really big into huge causes and I can't contribute much to society at this point in my life, but I love Goodwill because it's an easy and local way to show my kids that giving is not only important, it's also fun.We've been going since they were two. I bring them with me so that they understand that their toys and clothes don't just 'disappear,' they go to other people....more

One Donation Down... Millions To Go!

Sweet Savior finished delivering their very first order. Give Us'more of Jesus was a success. I stayed up late Friday night baking marshmallow cupcakes, vanilla Swiss buttercream (which is an amazingly smooth, perfectly sweet-not-to-sweet buttercream), and garnishing the finished product with a graham cracker and Hershey's chocolate rectangle. So now one dessert donation down and only millions more to go!!!...more

Donations: Day 1 ~ Baking Pans

Each cleaning project so has produced items to be donated. Not only are my spaces clean, but there is also less stuff in my spaces! Here's a little post about these donations. Some will be given to friends, family and then to the DAV. Cleaning: Day 1 ~ My Pantry I had two different heart shaped baking pans...never used still in the packaging. I'm really not a baker so it's time to get rid of them. I think I've had them for at least three years, not a good sign that they are still the package....more

UNICEF Trick or Treat Boxes and Beyond

We have all heard about UNICEF, an acronym for the United Nations Children’s Fund (the I for International and the E for Emergency were dropped in 1953).UNICEF has been around since the 1940′s and was initially created to provide for children in countries that had been devastated by WWII....more

Sharing Your Breast Milk

Do you have any extra breastmilk?  If you do and are tempted to share it with a friend, please take a moment and donate it to a milk bank. In neonatal Intensive Care Units, NICU's, across the country, there are premature babies and their families who are in desperate need for more donated breastmilk....more

Disaster Relief Donations for Joplin, Missouri

 The reality is, a devastating tornado ripped a path of destruction though the heart, lives and city of Joplin, Missouri.Our city needs your help in providing everyday basic items to those in need. Not only today but throughout the cleanup and rebuilding phase....more