The Problem with 'Mad Men' As It Wraps Up Season Six on Sunday

AMC's Mad Men will wrap up its sixth season this Sunday night, and I'm ready. I love Mad Men, I do, but the show has two devastating problems. ...more
I love the analysis analogy angle.  If I want to watch a fluffy mindless TV show, there's always ...more

Lloyd Dobler vs. Don Draper

I finally started watching Mad Men this week. For years, I have listened to my friends tell me it’s the best show ever and swoon over Don Draper. It is a great show, but as I was watching it, I suddenly realized: Don Draper is THE EXACT SAME CHARACTER as Christian Grey in 50 Shades of Grey. And they are both the EXACT SAME CHARACTER as Mr. Big from Sex and the City....more

(On tv) who I'd meet if I could...


"Mad Men" Returns: Who is Don Draper? (Spoilers)

"Who is Don Draper?" Last night's premiere of the AMC drama Mad Men began and ended with variations on that question. Each time, it was from a reporter, and each time, it was directed at the dapper '60s ad man, Don Draper (Jon Hamm). ...more

I got inspired after writing this post, so here's my new Season 4 "Mad Men" avatar.

Pass me ...more