She Went From Planning Her Funeral To Planning For A Baby

At age 26, when Carrie Chown should have been carefree and excited about her future, instead she was in a hospital room at UC San Francisco waiting for a double lung transplant.  Her health was failing due to a heart/lung disease, Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension, which she had been battling for six years, four of which she had spent waiting on the transplant list....more

Mixed Match: Film Spotlights the Dire Need for Multiracial Donors

As the mother of two mixed-race kids, I knew that raising multiethnic children would present some challenges. However, I never imagined that serious medical issues could be among them. Thankfully, my own boys are healthy, but other families are not so fortunate. And that’s what the new documentary Mixed Match is shedding light on: the fact that less than 3% of people on the national bone marrow registry are multiethnic – creating dangerously slim odds for survival....more
My nephew is a mixed race. Good to know. I will forward this information to my sister and bro-in ...more

For Amaey: Will You Help Find This 8-year-old a Bone Marrow Donor This Weekend?

Purvi Shah, the incredible artist and friend who envisioned BlogHer's logo as everywoman, needs our help. Her amazing eight-year-old son, Amaey, needs to find a bone marrow donor this weekend. Here's the story ... ...more


I humbly offer my support to Purvi. Please feel free to share my information. While our ...more

Strength Beyond Words

by Lianne Castelino This story has been on my mind for a few weeks now.  Two days ago it hit me square in the face. ...more


How I Successfully Went About Obtaining a Kidney from a Living Donor

Hopefully this will help others in need of a kidney.  I need one, and in two months of excessive proactivity, I just found a living donor.  To spread the word, I: 1. Participated my local Organ Procurement Organization's (OPO) events such as trade shows, workshops, information booths at hospitals, fundraisers, etc. ...more