DonorsChoose: How to Help Celebrate 10 Years of Funding Classrooms

I'm going to tell you something about education and you won't be a bit surprised: We're underfunded. The lack of resources that teachers have to deal with should be enough to make the even the toughest, most cynical, pessimistically gruff person blush with embarrassment. ...more
DonorsChoose has made such a difference for my students' learning and growth. I'm very grateful! ...more

Simple Things You Can Do to Help Teachers

As a former teacher, the statistic sounds fairly accurate. I worked at a school where we had money for supplies, but I still ended up having a portion of my books and homegoods migrate into our classroom. A friend who works for an inner city school that doesn't have enough money for supplies is constantly asking us to chip in a small amount in order to make sure the kids have markers and paper. ...more

I just bought a Sweet Deal on Mamapedia, and they donate 5% of every purchase to the school you ...more

Help fund school projects in your area

October has always been one of my favorite months of they year. Nice weather, Canadian Thanksgiving, my birthday, Halloween and let's face it, anything is better than September. But really, the best thing about October is the DonorsChoose Social Media Challenge (formerly known as the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge.) ...more

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Coming to a Public School Near You: Hopefully, You as a Volunteer

Tuesday was my first day volunteering with the "reading partners" program at my neighborhood public elementary school. Every week I get to go in and read with the same two children for a half an hour each in the school library. Because it was my first time meeting the students, part of the half hour was spent getting to know each other. I found out that the kindergartner I'll be working with likes pizza, the color green, pirates, sports and dinosaurs. We read a book together about tugboats before he went to lunch. ...more

Thanks for sharing your story, more

DonorsChoose Handbag Raffle Live Blog - We Have A Winner!

Okay ladies, the day we've all been waiting for has arrived.  It's the day of the DonorsChoose Handbag Raffle! ...more

Megan's Minute DonorsChoose Handbag Raffle: Donate $10, Earn A Chance To Win

You probably know by now that BlogHer has joined the DonorsChoose Blogger Challenge for 2008.  To do my part for the cause and as a tribute to my love of handbags, I decided to have a handbag raffle.  For a $10 donation to any one of the very worthy projects on my Megan's Minute Handbag Raffle Giving Page you'll buy yourself an opportunity to win the stylish tote pictured below.  And more importantly, you'll be doing something to help public school students learn. ...more

Appalachian History, DonorsChoose and Music To Soothe Our Souls

I want to encourage folks to support the Appalachian History project at To be honest, it was tough to pick just one. This particular project however has life changing possibilities. Mrs. L's class needs 15 non-fiction books on Appalachian history and culture. The transfer of cultural information is a crucial element in visualizing success in your future. ...more

Thank you for this post. I have never heard of donorschoose, and appreciate such an easy way to ...more

BlogHer DonorsChoose Challenge: No Contribution Is Too Small

We're all pinching pennies, hoping against hope that "all this financial stuff" will sort itself out and we'll all, somehow, escape mostly unscathed and the bad actors who created this house of financial cards will find themselves staring at four walls for a long time. But in the mean time, we have to keep on keepin' on, we have to do our jobs, our kids have to go to school, we have to call our parents and kiss our spouses and and and and and. Somehow, some days, it's just all too much. ...more

DonorsChoose Challenge: Keeping Things "Current" in Health

Did you ever have to watch a health video from ten years ago? Or had to study materials where the hairstyles and clothing gave away the age of the information? So many of us have had this experience that it's a familiar joke in our television and movies. Well, the students in Mrs. M's classrooms (and I say classrooms because she teaches health to all the fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders at her school) have been making due with Current Health Magazines from 1997 to 2000. ...more

DonorsChoose Campaign: Building Gardens, Building Communities

When I was asked to choose DonorsChoose Challenge project, I immediately knew I had to pick something to do with gardening. Children can benefit from the physical activity of working in a small garden plot; growing their own vegetables encourages children to eat them; and gardening is just plain FUN! ...more