You Got Your Sperm Where? Newsweek Article

How could I not read an article that...more

Branches of Our Family Tree: The Daddy Dilemma

It happened the other day. A simple life moment that made me realize that after all the research I put into donor sperm, artificial insemination and IVF, I had not figured out what to do about the "Daddy Dilemma." I'm pretty annoyed at myself that I haven't figured this out. I know W's creation story. I know how to explain, "this is how you came to be in my life." But one day (and wow, it looks like it will be soon), W will come to me and ask if he has a Dad. I am not ready. At all....more

Blog Hop: Dollars and $ense of Family Building

This project started with a debate that I facilitated for the Open Adoption Examiner about potential adoptive parents using billboards to connect with expectant parents considering adoption....more

Knowing the way you talk to and teach your sons, I am betting that the question won't come out ...more's New Sperm and Egg Donation: Uglies Finally Allowed!

It's easy to point out the flaws in's gamete donation plan, matching attractive egg donors or sperm donors with attractive recipients in order to create uberattractive babies: (1) it's disgusting and shallow and rude, (2) it reduces people to a set of physical features disregarding all other qualities, (3) strong chin trumps math skills. ...more

My husband's comment was "what's attractive at 20 isn't necessarily attractive at 40 or ...more