Judgey Judgerson

I was recently reminded that I should ease off on making judgements, because I was, for a moment, THAT mom....more

No Need for Mommy Wars

When you became a mom, did you have any idea how many people already knew how to raise your children better than you?  Were you prepared for them to so willingly share their advice?  Did you realize that the people with the best parenting advice are the ones that don't have kids?...more

Judge Me, I Dare You

There was an article here on BlogHer yesterday that has me all fired up. It’s about judging parents, and how it’s actually ok. Except it’s not. It was written by a new mom, someone whose blog I actually really like. A young mom. A mom who maybe hasn’t weathered the storms of toddler reflux, breastfeeding failure, postpartum depression, child sleep disorders, isolation from friends and family, and plain ol’ active/curious/energetic toddler temperament....more

Ponder the Good.

When the idea of this devotional first came about, we were frantically sending out e-mails to everyone asking for their contribution. A friend of mine in particular I kept bugging to bug his dad to write. Eventually all the bugging produced its results, and this afternoon I translated it it. So, without further-ado here it is. Written by - Aroldo GessnerPONDER THE GOOD...more

SHIFT…or GET off the POT

He said, she said, and we all judge

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve undoubtedly heard about Jon and Kate’s “scandal” via not only their show, but also every tabloid and news outlet in the free world.  He said, she said, and we all judge.  ...more

I have to agree with you whole-heartedly. It's really sad and crazy at the same time. I do ...more