Homemade Apple Fritter Bites

Hi DONUT lovers and everyone else interested in checking out today’s post.We have got something fun for you to try…drumroll please… … … Apple Fritter Bites! That’s right! We have a recipe that will help you make these fresh, delicious donut bites from your very own kitchen. Feel free to check out the extended version on our blog at www.simplysavorynsweet.com Keep smiling,Whitney...more

chocolate chip banana nutella donuts

http://drizzlemeskinny.com/chocolate-chip-banana-nutella-donuts/Donuts are definitely one of my favorite things to bake. I just love coming up with different flavor combinations, but most of all I love that they are only 2 points! Your average store bought donuts will cost you upwards of 8pp or more if its decadent enough, so how awesome is it that you can have 4 of my donuts for that… not that you’d eat 4 in one sitting.. well maybe 3...These chocolate chip banana donuts are delicious, especially the nutella topping....more

Blueberry dark chocolate donuts

http://drizzlemeskinny.com/blueberry-dark-chocolate-donuts/It’s Monday… so I made donuts! These blueberry dark chocolate donuts are bursting with blueberries and just enough chocolate to leave a smile on your face. As always they are only 2 points each and so simple to make.. so go ahead and have 2 and walk away with no guilt!...more

Butterfingers donuts

http://drizzlemeskinny.com/recipe/butterfingers-donuts/What’s not to like about butterfingers?? Other than the points.. I’m always looking for ways to incorporate our favorite decadent treats into delicious baked goods, and these butterfingers donuts do not disappoint! They are guilt free at only 2 points each. ...more

Vanilla Bean Donuts w/almond icing

Who doesn’t love a good donut?!Anything that doubles as a perfect midnight snack OR a quick breakfast filler is A.OK in my book. So after you drool over this recipe, get out in the kitchen and get these things in the oven. Have one tonight and another one with your morning coffee. No one is judging you. I promise.Check out the recipe here!http://gofryyourself.com/vanilla-bean-donuts-with-almond-icing/...more

Sister Saturday- Hot Chocolate

Sister Saturday- Hot Chocolate...more

Donut on Eddie's Parade

Sitting outside on Eddie’s Parade is one of the most satisfying activities with the coming of warm weather at Fordham University. Add a chocolate frosted donut with sprinkles (from Dunkin Donuts, of course) to the mix and I am one happy happy girl!...more

Paleo Sweet Potato Casserole Donuts.

Two weeks to go until Thanksgiving, and I am ready for it. But because it’s still too early to cook the main feast, I am prepping the only way I know how — with these donuts....more

Paleo Pumpkin Spice Donuts, Frosted Two Ways.

Like pancakes, donuts are good for you. Maybe not in the most traditional of ways, but they do have their outstanding benefits....more

A grateful heart: A man who understands writing deadlines

 So what if I found the actual 7-month old Little Debbie box in the laundry...more