Mommybloggers are on Oprah!

Some of you know that I'm not a very big Oprah fan. OK that's putting it mildly. I rant about Oprah in the same way I rant about marriage being a tool of the patriarchy. I can be obsessive in my Oprah angst. This is not a post where I'm going to rant about Oprah (or patriarchy) this is a post where I'm going to say "OMG! Mommybloggers are going to be on Oprah! How cool is THAT?!" I know, you're shocked right? Shocked that mommybloggers are going to be on the Oprah show (finally) and shocked that I'm excited about it. Well don't be shocked about either. ...more

But, yes, they got their ...more

BlogHer Paparazzi

I'm not attending BlogHer 09 in Chicago. God how I wish I was. I'd love nothing better than a weekend away from the responsibilities of this family life I've chosen. Time with intelligent, talented, witty females whom I might be able to relate too. The freedom to have a few drinks and hang out without the 6am wake up call of a fussy baby. Yes I want to go, but I won't be going. Money, family obligations, mostly money will keep me from it. Anyone want to stow me away in their suitcase? ...more

I feel the same way.  Some day! Our time will come.


Pregnant, fat

Here’s my revelation about pregnancy and your body image: it’s the same as when you’re not pregnant. If you obsess over your weight when you’re not pregnant, you’re probably going to do the same thing when you’re up the duff. You will obsess. You may just not care enough to curb your eating, and of course you’re encouraged to eat, which for most of us is a revelation unto itself and the most delicious feeling in the world! ...more

I couldn't contain all my thoughts on this subject in a comment, so I wrote a post about it ...more

Coming Out of the Fog: BlogHer 2008, San Francisco

There is so much to tell I can hardly get my brain around it all. But here goes anyway... ...more

The Business of Mommyblogging on The Today Show

My heart sank when this morning's segment on the Today Show started off with Hoda Kotb announcing "... the growing popularity of... 'mommy blogs.'" She used air quotes, and everything. You could've substituted anything bizarre and mystifying in the quotations, actually. "Alien bloodsuckers," or "giant pink sea monsters," for example. I turned to my husband. "This is not going to end well," I said. But first, let me back up. ...more
I love your post. I didn't see the NBC segment, but I love the points you bring up. Especially ...more

Newsflash: Heather Armstrong to speak (and celebrate her birthday) at BlogHer '08

Hot on the heels of her quadruple-win at the 2008 Weblog Awards, I am pleased to announce that Heather Armstrong (aka Dooce) is returning to BlogHer '08 this July in San Francisco. Heather was part of the very first BlogHer "Naked" session at the inaugural conference in 2005, and spoke about the ups, downs and late nights of monetizing your blog in 2006. ...more

Wish I could be there!