How to Draw a Quick, Decorative Monogram

*Article contains Affiliate LinksCreating a decorative monogram is so much easier than you may think.  And since I don't think any of you want to pay a ton of money to get a really detailed, one-of-a-kind decorative monogram, I want to show you how crazy easy it is to draw one yourself, even if you aren't a trained artist or hand-letterer. ...more

Best Advice from Mom: Stand Up Tall

In my countdown to Mother's Day, today I'm remembering the best advice from my mom whenever I was feeling a bit down: "Stand up tall."Thanks, Mom!...more

Valentine doodle: Puppy love

“I don't wish to be everything to everyone, but I would like to be something to someone.”  ~ Javan...more

Barbie is Wrong; Math is Cool!

I'm not supposed to like math right? I'm a girl and according to Barbie math class is tough. Do you remember when you learned that two plus two equals four? I do. I also remember the moment I learned to count by twos and fives and tens. I remember learning how to multiply and divide. You know why I remembered doing it? ...more
The importance of Math cannot be over stressed. Its useful in very different ways home or officemore

Daily doodle: time for dinner

"The belly rules the mind."  ~Spanish Proverb...more

Don't read this if you are hungry...

Last week at the BlogHer 10 conference in NYC, 2,400 bloggers/attendees gathered to discuss all things blogging and, of course, to have fun. I was delighted to meet blogger and artist Carol Gillott who creates the lovely blog Paris Breakfasts....more

Q: When is a triangle not a triangle? A: When it becomes another way to question yourself.

I spend a lot of time on the phone every day.   Not only do I work very closely with colleagues in another location,  I also speak to clients in different parts of the country all day.  Many times I'm actually involved in a conversation; but almost as often, I'm on a conference call with the mute button activated.  And while I'm sitting, listening and trying to stay alert, I often find myself doodling in pencil (always in pencil) in my spiral notebook.    ...more

Hi Denise -

Well, now you just have to tell me!  "Complicated?" ...more


I am a doodler when I’m in meetings or other situations where I will probably take notes.  (I take notes a lot.)  I find doodling helps me pay attention/concentrate.  I create borders on the page, sketch my cast of voluptuous and thin stick figures, and/or draw faces with expressions to match my feelings.  Sometimes I play tic-tac-toe – but that doesn’t work too well because I always win.  Meanwhile, I take copious notes, putting as asterisk (*) by anything I need to follow u ...more

Care to share some shots of yours? I'll show you mine...

Doodlers unite!

BlogHer ...more