Whose Report Will You Believe?

When the spies came back from scouting the promised land, Caleb said, let’s take it! The people didn’t listen to him. They listened to the report that said it was too hard....more

Write a Doomsday Poem!

Author, poet, freelancerWould you have any trouble with this poetry prompt? Are you troubled about what might be around the bend in the future? Can you see problems in the making or the ones already arrived?...more

doomsday, Maya Style

I just read in Time magazine that there is no Mayan calendar, Maya is the correct modifier. The writer, Joel Stein, interviewed a Stetson professor who interviewed lots of Mayas and they never heard this story about the world coming to an end on December 21, 2012.  ...more

Front Row Seats When Internet Doomsday Hits Egypt

Most of us would have no idea Egypt had pulled the plug on the Internet unless it was splashed all over the news. However one company called iovation knew right away. Basically “just like that” the up to 1000 fraud checks they receive every hour out of Egypt dropped to zero. At first glance one would think there was some type of meltdown or maybe Egyptian scammers all of a sudden decided to get a job....more