It's Like Having 24 Sisters

I find glitter EVERYWHERE - my skin, my hair, my clothes, even in my bed. Pop music can be heard blasting at pretty much every time of the day.We share clothes and shoes like nobody's business....more

How Many Tissues Does it Take To Send Your Teen to College?

This past weekend, I had it all planned. I would take my son out to buy his clothes for college, having already warned him that I was on a budget and anything beyond that budget would be up to him because he has a job. You'd think I'd be excited because my son, my baby boy, is taking one great step in my mommyhood, but I'm low key for the moment. Maybe it hasn't hit me yet. Maybe it hasn't hit him either because he said he didn't feel like shopping this weekend. ...more

Your comment makes me realize that I never considered how worried my mother may have been ...more