Extreme Couponing at a Double Coupon Store

Last week I was getting excited about my vacation to South Carolina, where I'd be able to visit a grocery store that doubles coupons. Today, a week after my very first double couponing trip, I'm still excited. In fact, I'm finding it a little bit difficult to shop at grocery stores that don't double coupons -- that's not good, since I'm back in the land of no doubles. Once you get a taste of doubling, it's hard to go back. ...more

You should see her coupon binder.

BlogHer Book Club Host Karen Ballum also blogs at ...more

I'm Taking Extreme Couponing on Vacation

I'm on vacation, and I took my coupon binder with me. I'm looking forward to extreme couponing in South Carolina and Florida -- and if those of you attending BlogHer Food '11 want to make a coupon run while we're in Atlanta, I could probably have my arm twisted and shop there, too. ...more

While you're on the road, I'd also suggest checking out sites like CouponMap and CouponCabin ...more

Farm Fresh Doubles...I paid 50 cents!

Hello, Hello!  It's Wednesday so you know what that means....Double Coupons up to $1 at Farm Fresh! ...more

I am a military spouse in Hampton. I have a friend who has gotten into stacking and has me ...more

Farm Fresh Doubles up to $1 Wednesdays...Of course I went!

Hello, Hello!  Yes I know in my last post I said that I needed to stop grocery shopping but I just couldn't help myself on this sale. My coupons were too good not to use. Qty    Item                        Price     Q        Doubled        Final Price         Total 1      Quaker Mini Cakes    2.19      $1           2                    .19              .19 ...more

I just went to Walgreens and bought all coupon items, only things I needed, and I got $56.19 ...more

Today's trip to Farm Fresh...$8

Hello, Hello! This week Farm Fresh is having an anniversary special of double coupons up to $1.00 all week long.  GO FARM FRESH!!!!!!!  In their circular they also had a Kellogg's deal that if you buy 10 of the Kellogg's items in the circular you instantly recieve $10 off.  When you combine that with coupons, there is a huge potential for savings.  In the end I got $40 worth of groceries for $8.  I rounded up my total to support a local cancer foundation.  Here is what I did.  All coupons reflect the doubled value. ...more

Double Coupons..Triple Coupons...What does it all mean?

Hello, Hello! I know that when you first start using coupons, you may think 50 cents off $4.00 is not going to make a dent in my grocery budget.  However, many stores offer bonuses that make it worth your while. Let's take a look at how you can save more using those coupons and the bonus couponing programs that many stores offer.  We will talk about double coupons, triple coupons, stacking and combining coupons with store sales. Double Coupon ...more

I see I am going to have to follow your blog and go back to read all of your archives to learn ...more