Perfectionism Is An Insidious Demon…

Perfectionism is an insidious demon that must be fought with every weapon you’ve got.Here’s what’s so tricky about perfectionism: it turns procrastination into a virtue. Because it’s good to have high standards, right? And it’s good to expect the best from your self, right? We want to make things that are beautiful, extraordinary, unique… ...more

Why do we doubt ourselves?

It’s weird how it happens sometimes. You feel great and train hard and things are improving and you feel like, yeah, that’s me right there, fighting like I belong in a ring. And then for no reason at all, suddenly you feel like a giant fraud. You have no business being there. You’re an imposter. You don’t belong. You might as well give up and take up crochet because maybe there at least you wouldn’t suck so bad....more

The Whole Salmon Story


Just for today, are you willing to go beyond the superficial?Inspiritual: A space for spiritual evolution and transformation...more


Cross-posted from the Tiffscribes blog:I'm re-reading Zero Day by David Baldacci, which is the introduction of his John Puller character. As I get into the story, one overwhelming thought continues to loom:Why can't I write like this?...more

Fear, Death, Beauty, and Faith

I once heard an acquaintance say that she had come to a new realization that she didn’t need to plan everything out.  All she needed, she said, was to follow the next step and trust that God will show her the rest of the path when the time comes.Hmpf, I thought.  Maybe that sounds good for her, but I didn’t even know what that means.  Not worry about the future?  Not try to micromanage everything?...more

I Am Always Right- Except for That One Time I Got It ALL Wrong

Every child has known God,Not the God of names,Not the God of don’ts,Not the God who ever does Anything weird,But the God who knows only 4 words.And keeps repeating them, saying:“Come Dance with Me , come dance.”– Hafiz...more

When you trust, yet others don't

Jennifer was 44 years old when, in her words, she “finally had the husband and circumstances in which she wanted to have a child.” She immediately saw her doctor, whom she’d been seeing for years and trusted completely. She did what her doctor told her to do throughout the process of both getting pregnant and being pregnant. Jennifer trusted the latest medical advances and completed all the recommended testing....more

I was wrong about being right

I used to think that everything written by a Christian was true. Christian books, articles in Christian magazines, Christian music, anything said in a sermon- all of it was just wonderful and completely true. And that there was one right answer for "What do Christians believe about [fill in the blank]?" ...more

Losing My Religion

I am angry. So this is me. Using this blog as my spotlight. As I’m losing my religion.It started the weekend of the muppets’ baptism. Baptism: the first of the Church’s seven sacraments – meant to signify purity and cleansing from sin as a devotion to God. The welcoming of the new generation into the faith.Can you tell my family’s Catholic?...more
It's hard to watch the ones we love suffer and sometimes it is frustrating when God doesn't ...more