I Am Always Right- Except for That One Time I Got It ALL Wrong

Every child has known God,Not the God of names,Not the God of don’ts,Not the God who ever does Anything weird,But the God who knows only 4 words.And keeps repeating them, saying:“Come Dance with Me , come dance.”– Hafiz...more

When you trust, yet others don't

Jennifer was 44 years old when, in her words, she “finally had the husband and circumstances in which she wanted to have a child.” She immediately saw her doctor, whom she’d been seeing for years and trusted completely. She did what her doctor told her to do throughout the process of both getting pregnant and being pregnant. Jennifer trusted the latest medical advances and completed all the recommended testing....more

I was wrong about being right

I used to think that everything written by a Christian was true. Christian books, articles in Christian magazines, Christian music, anything said in a sermon- all of it was just wonderful and completely true. And that there was one right answer for "What do Christians believe about [fill in the blank]?" ...more

Losing My Religion

I am angry. So this is me. Using this blog as my spotlight. As I’m losing my religion.It started the weekend of the muppets’ baptism. Baptism: the first of the Church’s seven sacraments – meant to signify purity and cleansing from sin as a devotion to God. The welcoming of the new generation into the faith.Can you tell my family’s Catholic?...more
It's hard to watch the ones we love suffer and sometimes it is frustrating when God doesn't ...more

Do you doubt yourself before you've even started?

I knew I wanted to write about this, but I didn't know the title until one of the new trainers on The Biggest Loser said it to a contestant tonight. Aha! I said....more

No Longer Certain

It confounds me how your love can exist so comfortably beside your secret. A radiant warmth snuggled next to an abysmal darkness. A pool of green water. Still. Absolutely unaffected by earthquakes all around.             Eyes wide, I peer into your shine. Try to gulp it in. I’m almost blinded. A moment later, off to the right, the shadow of your mystery arrives to abduct your brilliance.             I think I can live right here....more

What To Do When You Feel Defeated

'Im so poor I can't even pay attention.' Ron Kittle, a former steelworker who made his major league Baseball debut at nearly 25 years old...more

No Reservations

This morning I was thinking about Anthony Bourdain’s show “No Reservations” and how perfectly named it is with its double meaning. If you haven’t seen the show I highly recommend you catch up on the episodes. Anthony Bourdain is a perfectly snarky, inquisitive, brave and daring chef who travels around the world eating and learning about the food of different cultures. Whether he’s eating an eyeball or pizza there’s always an element of surprise and even sometimes danger. It’s fascinating and inspiring. And he’s funny… like really, really funny....more

I did follow a dream once -- and failed. But I still have hope that I can build on that failed ...more

Are You Cut out to be a Mother?

Oh my goodness.  Tonight, I had flashbacks.    Not flashbacks in the sense of, “Whoa, I’ve done way too much acid, man.”   More like, flashbacks of when my child was an infant, and we were in the throes of dealing with reflux and colic and CONTINUOUS, angry crying.   I felt shell-shocked.  Anxious.  Overwhelmed.  Heartbroken.  At a loss.  Scared.  Not sure.  Full of doubt.   ...more

Dear Keepsake Journal (KJ): Bye Bye What-If-ing

Dear KJ, Wow. It's day 14 and I'm sitting here thinkering. 13 days of writing a post each and every. single. day. (1 per day for the month of December). This is a big deal for me. Guess why? I'm not just writing these posts. I'm having to actually practice what I'm writing about while I'm writing. Go figure! The first 10 Keepsakes focused on how to #mommy_our_hearts. I've had to do that during this entire process of creating them. :)...more

the title of the post is deceiving. but possible. daily. we don't have to stay enmeshed in the ...more