Ask Dr. Renee: Is It Safe To Douche?

Is It Safe To Douche?Ask Dr. Renee: Is It Safe To Douche? ...more

The Dangers of Douching

When John Mayer wrote, “Your Body Is A Wonderland,” what I’m sure he meant to say was that your vagina is a wonderland… of bacteria. I mean, we’re so very concerned these days with antibacterial soaps and hand-sanitizers, we don’t realize that we’re covered in bacteria. Constantly. And the best place for that bacteria to live is somewhere that’s wet and warm– like the vagina....more

Want a Raise? Wash Your Vagina

OMG. You’ve got to be kidding. I just heard about a magazine ad that’s got me steaming mad. Check out this full page Summer’s Eve ad in Woman’s Day magazine. The title: “Confidence at Work: How to Ask For a Raise.” The very first suggestion in the eight tips on how to ask for a raise?...more

(PICS) Summer's Eve Not the First Company to Get It Wrong With Women-Targeted Ads

You've got to feel bad for Angela Bryant. She's the brand manager for Summer Eve's feminine wash. Not only is she charged with selling a product for douching - an activity the health care profession says is unhealthy and should be avoided, Bryant, by approving an advertorial in Women's Day magazine, is now associated with an ad that is sure to become a classic of how not to market to women. ...more

I've always been interested in commercials throughout television from a pop cultural ...more

Don't Be a Douche: Vaginas Should Smell Like Vaginas

While I was watching TV a few nights ago, a commercial for Vagisil ran. When the voice over announced that Vagisil could help cover crotch odors in addition to soothing embarrassing itch, I rolled my eyes. Then it hit me: it's been eons since I'd last seen a commercial for douche. Maybe we actually have made some progress when it comes to women hating their natural bodies less. ...more
your blog is great because i see the doctor all the time and is clean...i find that my vagina ...more