My Most Political Act To Date: On Studying to Becoming a Doula

For me birth is a mystical, transformational, and spiritual event. The day I became a mother (to me that is the day I knew I was pregnant), marked a HUGE psychological shift in my way of thinking. Suddenly my spiritual journey towards a better me/world became TOP priority. This is what solidified my path leading to birth activism and becoming a doula....more

Use a Doula for a Better Birth Experience

When I prepared for my first son’s birth, I did what everyone else did – took childbirth classes with my husband under the impression that he would be my support. I also asked my best friend to come to hold my hand. A wise mother of six told me to think twice about my plan. “Rachel, you need someone there who is experienced with birth.” I told her it’d be fine. Famous last words! Let’s just say the birth didn’t go well at all. ...more Thank you! "But, to refuse a doula before looking into it, is like saying no ...more

My Experience Using a Doula

So you're pregnant and navigating the crazy world that is prenatal information. You're learning that your child is currently the size of a gummy bear (or a lime, or a pineapple), that you have might eventually grow skin tags or have heartburn, that you will only continue to get bigger. Plus, at the end of this crazy ride, you actually have to deliver a baby. You are exhilarated/nervous/terrified. Labor and delivery can be an overwhelming process. So wouldn't it be nice to have someone in your corner? How about a doula? ...more
I just had a baby  in March and we had a doula and she was absolutely wonderful!  I am so glad ...more

The Birth Plan: Vaginas, Bagels, and Bon Jovi

The clock is ticking folks, and about a week ago I realized that at some point a few months from now, I will be required to birth Baby #2.Shit....more

In celebration of Ava's 1st birthday coming up, her birth story.

 I really enjoyed reading my doula's version of Ava's birth, and wanted to share it. She also took birth photos for me and I am going to share those as well....more
What an amazing story! I will definitely consider a doula if I have another. Such a courageous mama!more

Text Book Pregnancy - an Earlier Chapter

By Sharon Munroe...more

Finally, a Birth Story That Won't Scare Pregnant Women

Around 2am one day before my due date, I woke up to contractions. Took me a few minutes to realize that they were not just more Braxton-Hicks, that this was it: labour. I finally woke up my husband around 3am--he assumed I was in very early labour & tried to get me to go back to sleep, thinking we should rest for the long day ahead of us....more

food, baby!

My daughter is an amazing mom - she took care of herself while pregnant, gave birth naturally (as in, intervention-FREE), feeds my granddaughter organically, and at 16 months, is still breastfeeding. She's a great mommy in dozens of other ways as well, (and my son-in-law is a fine baby daddy). My granddaughter is one happy, well-adjusted little girl.Mostly....more

A Doula's Blessing for a Beautiful Birth

May your birthing space be prepared in sacredness by those who attend you,as the Grandmothers do.May you climb and surf the mounting peaks with a spirit of adventure,as the Wanderers do.May you surrender to the Dreamtime and gather wisdom from its messages,as the Shamans do.May you roar your fullest Power into being, guided by blessed challenge,as the Warriors do.May you open courageously to the earthbound surge of inexorable manifestation,as the wolves, whales, and bears do....more

MotherWit Doula Training Toronto January 2012

I am so pleased to have been invited to teach the MotherWit Birth Doula Training Intensive in downtown Toronto!...more