More Women Choosing Home Births

Many of our parents and grandparents were born at home with the use of midwives and what we now call doulas, who provide emotional support to pregnant women and can assist with some physical/homeopathic needs and education regarding pregnancy and the birth process.  Doulas back then were not certified or professionally trained – rather they used their years of experience to assist others....more

Doulas Behaving Badly

My daughter Kayleigh came home a couple of days ago from her gym intensive class with some interesting information. She had been distance walking with a girl in her class who is a nursing student. It turns out she works in the Labour and Delivery unit at a hospital I practically live at. When my daughter told me her name, I was familiar with it. A nice girl, who always greets me with great friendliness. I enjoy working with her. So it was with mixed feelings when I heard from Kayleigh that this nursing student generally doesn't like doulas....more
This is a problem in Australia too - doulas performing things that only medically trained ...more

New York City to Moms: No More Home Births

I've always wanted to live in New York. For a long time, I imagined that living in New York meant having access to anything you want, whenever you want it -- great pizza! real bagels! somebody who knows somebody who's touched Donald Trump's hair! -- all against the backdrop of bright lights and big city and possibly Sarah Jessica Parker loping in tutus in front of buses. Which, from what I understand from friends who live in New York, is mostly all true, except for the Sarah Jessica part. ...more

Like you, I've never been a home birth advocate. I had my daughter in the hospital with an ...more

Stuck between a doula and a hard place

I’m not going to watch the Ricki Lake video. I'm not giving birth at home. But nor am I comfortable with a purely medical birth. In an ideal world, I think, I would have my baby in a birthing clinic, with a midwife. With yogic breathing and candles, maybe water. And definitely no drugs. But as a first-timer with a high anxiety level, that doesn't feel like an option. I am with one of the best practices in my city, and will give birth at one of the best maternity hospitals in the world. ...more

I have had two completely different birthing experiences, one with a doula and one without. ...more