You Are More Beautiful Than You Think

Do you look at photographs of yourself taken years ago and say, "WOW! I looked good"? Then, look at yourself now with a critical eye? Perhaps, we need to see ourselves as others see us.This social experiment is very eye-opening. I hope this video resonates for you and motivates you to begin appreciating your own beauty today.WATCH: Social Experiment Video...more
I've seen both these vids before and agree they are so impactful. Also agree that the way we see ...more

We Are Beautiful

Every time you spend money, you’re casting a vote for the kind of world you want. — Anna Lappe...more

In Honor of Nora Ephron...with thanks to Dove

In Honor of Nora Ephron…with thanks to Dove. ...more

How Not To Turn Into An Emery Board This Fall

Ah, fall is finally here.I love fall -- it's so beautiful, especially in New England. What I don't love is that it heralds the starts of indoor heating season, and what that means that my skin is starting to resemble an emery board. Which is never a good thing, but which really stinks when you also have to wear fleece and wool and tights. I can start a fire if I'm not careful.Here are my favorite ways to keep dry skin at bay:1. Moisturize...more

All of my kids develop such dry skin in winter that they have to wear sweats - jeans and ...more

Mrs. Micah and the Bad Generics (with a few good ones thrown in)

I swear by generics. They make so much sense to me. But sometimes buying the name brand is probably the best call. Here’s a few places where I’ve found this over the last 2 months: 1. Giant* generic nasal strips. Mr. Micah uses these because otherwise he’ll periodically snore. We tried out the Giant ones first, but they didn’t work well. So we switched to Breathe-Right (Rite?). Turns out they have more adhesive which helps them stay on better and open the nose more. ...more

Hail to the spokesqueen!

Hi Blogher gals, Here is my latest newspaper column. After I wrote the column, I read on Bloomberg that Avon's profits are down 25 percent because of advertising and marketing...rather interesting. It makes me wonder if other companies are in similar financial situations. Anyway, I hope you will enter the Dove contest!! :) It would be great to have a Blogher gal as a spokesqueen! Blessings, Theresa By Theresa Shadrix Consolidated Publishing, Co. 08-05-2007 ...more