The Clog is Back -- But is it Cool?

Is it me, or is the fashion cycle spinning faster? I feel like I've just wrapped my brain around the 80s revival only to discover that there's a 90s revival is waiting in the wings. Which makes sense, I suppose, since the 90s started 20 years ago....more

i always wear rubber shoes that's why I am very clumsy with high heeled shoes, so in time that i ...more

Dear Clothing Manufacturer

Dear Clothing Manufactuers: I'm not happy with the size and style of clothing that I need to wear. Three pregnancies and a largely nonexistent willpower have left me with a great deal of weight to lose. For this I take full responsibility. It is entirely my fault that I still eat the occasional bag of Doritos and still drink a Starbucks mocha from time to time. But, the state of the clothing that I choose from is entirely your fault. ...more