A True Story about Handicaps

Once upon a time, there was a magical little girl. She brightened the room when she tumbled in and proceeded to share fierce hugs and sloppy kisses with everyone without hesitation for who they were, what they looked like, and what titles and possessions they owned. All shared equally in her unconditional love....more

Expand Your Understanding of Down Syndrome

Before my son was born, I knew nothing about it. I couldn't even recall ever meeting a person with Down syndrome. Then, everything changed. Rather than pointing you to charts about physical features and learning abilities, let's make an effort to really understand, even a little bit, about Down syndrome and the families it touches. ...more
WomenTricks It is so simple and beautiful to understand others. It is where we break down walls ...more

Taking on the Challenge: Would You Leave a Down Syndrome Baby With the Surrogate?

A Down syndrome child is left behind by an Australian couple after a surrogate gives birth to twins. Given a choice, which would we choose? Do we really know? Perhaps we are not free to judge. ...more
Shellireads The parents did know they were having twins; one child having Down Syndrome. They ...more

Women, Girls, and Special Needs Shine in John Legend Video: But Media Must Get the Whole Story Right

Special needs, cancer survivors, and all shapes and sizes of women and girls shine beautiful in the new video by John Legend, "You & I (Nobody In The World)." The melody is touching; the images will probably make you cry. I did. So what in the world could go wrong with a video like this? ...more

Music, Man

Music tames the beast - meaning me. The insanity of daily life is drowned out when music comes on the scene. B.C., (before children), my music ruled. I spent hours making those cassette tape D.J. - mixes of my favorite tunes. All catered to certain mood, the songs gave me the perfect groove to workout or the rhythm to beat off a broken heart. ...more

IEP Success

IEP? Are you ready? The big tool to carve an educational program for special children is the IEP - Individualized Education Program. Education is a big task; figuring out what to do with special needs kids in the educational system is gigantic. ...more

An Old Man, A Mutt, and a Funeral: Taming the Wake of Voices in My Head

Ahead of schedule, I smugly buckled my youngest child . The dog jumped in behind. It was time for a physical for the four-legged member of our family. Heart worm, flea and tick season were on their way. After the appointment, I’d sweep by school to pick up my daughter, who was at the Humane Society volunteering and whisk her off to her ball game. If all went well, everyone would get to their destination — right on time (or even before)....more

Who Makes it Special?

Long ago, in a land not so far away, I picked up the label "special." Not me, no, the label was for my special needs child. This is what we call it now. Retarded, held back, different, slow, freak - we're moving past those awful stereotypes; those terrible words. Now, we're special, and when things are special, life changes. There is no going back.Divorce and single parenting strikes many families when a special needs child is born. When I thought the one closest to me would help me, rally around me, I found myself alone to parent two children....more

Down Syndrome and Alzheimer's

I ran across this article about the connection between white matter and cognitive health. But what really fascinated me was the part about how people with Down syndrome are at "extremely high risk" for developing Alzheimer's after 40.The researchers did a study using 3 groups:1. people with Down syndrome but no dementia2. people with Down syndrome and dementia3. a healthy control groupThey used MRIs to study the brains of all three gouprs and found that:...more

An Angel on the Tree