Mom of Teen With Down Syndrome Cautiously Celebrates DS Model Madeline Stuart

"I don't want Down syndrome," my 12-year-old daughter, D'Andra, told me one hot summer day. "I want it to go away, Mom," she said. I shook my head and told her that I couldn't tell an extra monochrome to disappear....more
khaula mazhar I bet your daughters are gorgeous. D'Andra calls herself bronze. She wants to dye ...more

Our Thanks for 2012: A Bright Future, A Changing System

When I was a little girl I was often asked “what do you want to be when you grow,” and although my answer changed often -- and still does change -- many of my dreams for my future were realized. When asked what Alex “wants to be when she grows up” she answers just like I did. She wants to have a husband, a job and lots of friends. She wants to play sports and participate in community activities, she wants to choose her own future and be a part of it. We will honor this. But for many of our young adults today, choice has been compromised....more