Two Lessons I Learned Skiing

“Your belief determines your action and your action determines your results, but first you have to believe.”- Mark Victor HansenI started to sweat on the ski lift....more

The Secret to Happy Skiing

Nothing is more important that being cool when you’re 15 years old.  So even though I did not know how to ski, I wasn’t going to be stuck in beginning classes with the little kids. Oh, no, not me! I had taken a lesson or two years ago, but they were boring silly games and very few trips up the slopes.  I’d had enough of whiny kids and their childish instructors.  Time for a serious, grown up effort....more
I learned to ski when I was three. My father taught me and I hope he will teach my daughter ...more

One Last Hurrah!

It was a weekend of tumbles and fun! We hit Marmot Basin for one last hurrah of winter! And called to mother nature for the warm vibes of spring. We tackled the fresh powder, enjoyed the views of Jasper and loved every minute of  our weekend. ...more