A Promising New Way To Screen For Down’s Syndrome

Hey Moms, do you remember the heart-wrenching decisions you had to make about prenatal diagnostic testing when you were pregnant? Should you do the triple-screen AFP test at 15 weeks? Or should you do the nuchal translucency ultrasound plus blood tests for hormone markers at 11-13 weeks. Or should you suck it up and go for the gold standard -- chorionic villus sampling (CVS) or amniocentesis? Hold onto your maternity pants, because a new test is in the works, and things are about to change. ...more

I gotta say, reading the headline on this makes me want to hurl. Surprise, surprise ... I have a ...more

Five Blessed Years

Five Blessed Years - This was written on February 3, 2005, the birthday of my little siblings....more

Do you support giving birth to child with Down’s syndrome? 80% of all women and 50% of men do.

I have never been one of those women who thought life without child is incomplete, but lately I have been having second thoughts. I certainly love children, and have three nephews and nieces with whom I get along so well that I am the coolest aunt for them. But by now, almost all my friends have had their first child. It is likely that by the time I settle down with a life partner, I will be creeping close to ceiling age limits for having a child. My biggest fear then would be what if the docs fail to detect issues ...more

I am pro choice and very much so.  But the thing for me would be the what ifs.  I know how ...more


It is Sunday afternoon. I just put away the paints, the coffee is lukewarm and the chihuahua is asleep. Sister-in-law is dozing in her lunch. She is two hours and twenty minutes into eating her meal, but has fallen asleep. I picked up her fork, replaced it and prompted her to finish one more bite. Sundays are my days. 100% my very own. My husband is not here at the present. He is chairing a very important Historical Commission event, celebrating the elder women who help out at the county's museum. They quilt every week, and sell the work to help finance the museum. ...more

I don't have words to say what I feel when I read your post. I feel like I just read an ...more