Downton Devastation

For those of you who do not already know, I am a Downton Abbey superfan. It is the New Kids on the Block of my thirties.Bubba, knowing this, bought tickets to the Downton premiere party in Charlottesville. We went last year too, dressed in period clothes and all. I was just excited this year. After all, Downton is ending. This is the last season, and, although Bubba insists I am being melodramatic, I don't know what I am going to do with the rest of my life....more

Downton Abbey Tea

Hello  everyone,I just finished watching Downton Abbey tonight. I photographed this tea table yesterday and I wanted to have it ready for you on Monday morning.I just love  watching Masterpiece ~ Downton Abbey. And I love the sisters.As a Christmas gift I received the delicious Downton Abbey tea and after the holidays while shopping at World Market and found this adorable tea towel......more

8 Ways You Can Pretend You Live in Downton Abbey

This random post is because I've been watching Downton Abbey like a crazy person over the past few weeks.  Many people would call it binge watching.   I call it rewarding myself for feeding the kids and doing the laundry....more

Monday Mashup: Are Your Favorite TV Shows Really 1980's Deja Vu?

 Ever think when watching one of your favorite TV shows that it seems awfully familiar?  You know, that feeling of deja vu where suddenly you are transported back to 1982 and are sitting in your paneled family room on a shag rug eating Jiffy Pop?  It happens to me all the time and it makes me wonder:  Do I love these TV shows now because I already loved them 25 years ago?Here are my top 5 deja vu mashups:...more

Downton (Yawn) Abbey — Is the Love Affair Over?

I wasn't one of the fans who was infuriated by the death of Matthew Crawley at the end of last season. Was it a surprise? Yes. An unpleasant one? Undoubtedly. But Downton Abbey has always been, first and foremost, a soap opera, and soap operas are known to pull such punches with their devoted audience. The actor Dan Stevens wanted to move on, and who can blame him? His character didn't really have anywhere that interesting to go, and maybe he wanted out of a show with such an obsessive fan base....more

Downton Abbey Is Back! Was the First Episode Fabulous or Depressing?

Downton Abbey has become an obsession on both sides of the pond and American fans who have been feeling withdrawal pangs finally relaxed when the fourth season returned last night (in Britain the fourth season aired in September 2013). It's now 1922 and the look of Downton is still sumptuous, but it also seems a little harsher and brighter, as if all the soft focus has gone out of the Crawleys' lives. Image: BBC America ...more
kimskandykreations I felt the same way. I watched the premiere of the new season, but I'm still ...more

9 Ways to Celebrate the Return of 'Downton Abbey'

Everyone's favorite tears-in-the-crumpets Masterpiece drama, Downton Abbey, returns with the Season 4 premiere tonight -- and my, how we've missed it. ...more
Missing it already. It finished over here in November. Roll on Sept.more

Geeking Out Over British Television

I have been a nerd since before it was hip to call yourself a nerd. A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away Luke Skywalker was my husband, I researched dinosaurs for fun, and I still wear glasses. What’s worse, is I am a total fangirl for British television. Perhaps it’s the actors or puffy shirts, but my most favorite television is the British-kind.Just to satisfy my excitement and share that with you, here is what to watch and when to watch! ...more
I am a huge fan of Sherlock, and have been a Dr Who fan since the original series was running on ...more

I've Discovered Downton Abbey... Finally!

Downton Abbey Lovefest...more

10 Reasons Why Downton Abbey's Dan Stevens Will Be the Next James Bond

Are you a Downton Abbey fan? Well, I just powered through the first three seasons on Netflix. I was intrigued after episode one and hooked after episode two. I'm excited for Season 4 to come, but unfortunately, while it will arive in the U.K. in September 2013, it won't arrive in the U.S. until January 5, 2014. Oy vey!...more