My Kid Found My Sex Toys and Is Asking Questions!

Imagine you're talking with your 14-year-old daughter when, without warning, she asks about sex toys. "Why do people have them?" she wants to know. "Who uses them?" Despite being taken off-guard, you manage to keep yourself collected, explaining that sex is natural between consenting adults, but that a partner is not a requirement for experiencing pleasure, and that sexual aids can even help partners have a more enjoyable sexual experience together. Then, your daughter drops a bomb on you: "I found your box of 'sexual aids.'" ...more
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Sex Happens: What Do You Say If Your Teen Is Having Sex?

Are 14-year-olds ready to have sex?  Many teens think they are and moms across the country are getting upset. ...more

Sex Toys and the Aphrodite Vibrator Massager on Oprah

Oprah featured Dr. Laura Berman-”Oprah’s favorite sex therapist”-on The Oprah Winfrey show yesterday and the amazing Aphrodite vibrator, as part of Oprah’s Best Life Series. The Aphrodite Vibrator Massager as seen on Oprah’s show is part of Dr. Berman’s Intimate Accessories Line of sex toys designed specifically for women by a real sex therapist.  On the show, Dr. Berman “helps Luanne overcome her orgasmic obstacles with a special tool-the Aphrodite vibrator, nicknamed ‘the sure thing.’  One side of the vibrator, which Dr. Berman designed as part of her Berman Center Intimate Accessories line, warms up. The other side vibrates and is able to hold a number of attachments.  It helped one woman recieve her first orgasm in serveral years!  Read more at Pop My Cherry ...more