Resolutions for A New Year and a New Decade, When Hope is Hard

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Memories of Friendship and Blueberry Pie

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A Holiday To Hope

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Dr. Elizabeth Jelks on Eye Surgery and Dry Eyes

Dear Dr. Pat, I am 54 years old and want to have surgery to correct the droopy skin of my upper eyelids and the puffy bags of my lower eyelids. People who know me well tell me that I look tired all the time even though I sleep well and am fortunately in good health. I am, as so many of us are these days, in a competitive job market and can not afford to be thought of as “tired.” I understand that eyelid surgery can result in dry eye, and I really would not want that. What are the chances that I will have this problem? Sharon ...more

No Gardens To Plant

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WVFC Relaunch and Reinvention

Women's Voices For Change hosted a benefit luncheon on Tuesday, at Manhattan's Harmonie Club. It was a wonderful event. The theme of the day was reinvention. Not only have we reinvented and relaunched our website, we also came together to celebrate and encourage individual reinventions. Speakers Silda Wall Spitzer and Ariana Huffington shared their inspiring stories. A gathering of strong, outspoken, high-achieving women came together to celebrate the vitality, wisdom, activism and promise of women over 40, and their capacity for growth and reinvention. ...more

Welcome to Our Reinvention (And The Time Of Your Life!)

Look around. It isn’t the same old Women’s Voices for Change, is it? It isn’t the same and it isn’t old. ...more

WVFC New Site Launch

Women's Voices For Change is pleased to announce the launch of our new, redesigned site.  We have more news, opinions, culture and health information, celebrating and honoring the accomplishments and strong voices of women over 40. This afternoon is our benefit luncheon at the Harmonie Club in Manhattan.   ...more

Daylight Savings is bad for the Heart, and Soul

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I'm definitely feeling it!  But let's hope I don't feel it enough for a heart attack ...more