What It's Like to Be a Pit Crew Chief at a Drag Race

Yesterday was Musclepalooza, a bi-annual drag race my husband Paul competes in. It was a hot day, with 150% humidity -- pretty yucky weather for racing and watching racing. Many people have asked me if I get bored while I’m at these events with Paul. But I am the pit crew chief, so there are things that I need to do. I am also the only member of the pit crew, so I have to do all the things. ...more
@RebeccaRaige Thanks!  He has had this car since before I met him 9 years ago.  My favorite part ...more

I Managed To Let It Go

    Last Saturday started out like a typical Saturday around our house. It’s race day and this time it was my turn. Because of our little one we only race one car at a time.   We decided to try a new transbrake button in my car to help me with the red lights....more

Are You Too Hard On Yourself?

I am. When I race and when I screw up, which can seem to be pretty often, I am harder on myself than anyone else is. There have been many times I wished I had remembered to put a paper sack in the car to wear over my head when I came back up the return road. One of these days I may do that just to give the guys at the time slip booth something to laugh at.I must think that everyone including the guy getting popcorn saw my mistake and must be laughing hysterically at me. What do I think they are going to do, boo me or something?...more

Protecting Your Children’s Hearing At The Track

I love the sport of drag racing and I love the fact that my son, now 18 months old loves the race cars and the track. I hope someday when he’s older he’ll say with pride that both his mommy and daddy drag race and he gets to go with us. I hope we’ll be viewed as the “cool parents” someday. One thing I hope we won’t be called though, are the parents who don’t love their child enough to protect him from the dangers of the loud noise from the sport. ...more

Life As A Car Girl – I Was Born Loving Cars

Having six older brothers definitely helped, but they really aren’t into cars that much. In fact out of six boys and one girl, guess who is the one that races cars? ...more