Childhood Cancer and Celebrity Joy: The Dragonfly Foundation

Recently I had the pleasure of enjoying an early breakfast with my dear friend and respected colleague, Ria Davidson. Ria is co-founder of the Dragonfly Foundation, an organization whose mission is to bring comfort and joy to kids, young adults, and their families enduring cancer and bone marrow transplants....more


It’s the most wonderful time of the year – la la la!  Yes, the Mensch on the Bench is in stock and available for purchase.  This is a big deal, since the only way you could get him before was to pre-order.   And, I want more!...more
HomeRearedChef You already have the Mensch of the year, BOB!!!  However, I do know what you mean ...more

I “Made the Cut” and Donated 12-Inches of My Hair

Well, I did it; with a commitment of a promise “I made the cut”! I went to the hair salon and did willingly gather all the beautiful long strands of my hair into a clump and had it cut—12 inches of it, in fact—and donated my long-time pride-and-joy to Pantene Beautiful Lengths. My contribution of love to a movement that campaigns to create free wigs—using real hair—for women that have been affected by hair-loss due to cancer treatment. Today I proudly stand with the many thousands that have already contributed to this awesome and charitable cause....more
Wow! That was so brave and wonderful of you. It must feel quite different not to have all that ...more