The unpublished work

I have a couple of music tracks that I haven’t shared with the world yet and that are still lying in my computer’s hard drive. Since the rights of these tracks lie with multiple owners, its better to share my list of unpublished projects instead of sharing the actual work. So, here you go:...more

Saying "I Still Love You" When You'd Rather Trip Your Kid as She Stomps Out of the Room

“You’re the meanest Mommy everrrrrrrr! I don’t love you! I don’t even like you!” Ana Lu screeched, stomping on the floor, arms down by her side, hands balled into petite fists … wait for it … followed by the quintessential stomp out of the room. Into her room she goes, catapults herself onto her bed, yanks the comforter over her head and grunts octaves higher than necessary, assuring I get the memo she's pissed. ...more
I needed this today.  Needed it on a deep, deep level.  Going through this phase with my oldest, ...more

Living Fearlessly eliminating fear from your life while dis-invites drama to your party!

Fear creates mayhem the second you invite fear into your life!  The element of fear cast a cloudy film dimming our ability to see clearly our true self, our pure shinning being.  When I visualize my being, my spirit, what ever you choose to call your life force, I see a glowing center, alive, vibrant dwelling deep in my core.  Inviting fear to the party of life  is always disastrous.  Fear is like that drunk, rowdy, loud party crasher that trashes your house, starts a fight and turns the party into one big mess!...more

I'm thankful that it's OVER!

The best Thanksgiving I ever had was back in the early 90's when I lived alone. My apartment was on the top floor in a Southern version of 90210. Everyone pretty much knew each other in the building–some more intimately than others, and a handful of us had gotten to be really close friends. We were within walking distance of some of the coolest restaurants, bars and retail therapy that Atlanta had to offer–and none of us ever wanted to leave....more

AT&T: Only the Wrong Survive