#NaBloPoMo 2014: Day 8: Off With Her Locks

Before cutting off my locks...more

Memo to School Administrators: Afros and Dreads Aren't "Faddish" Hairstyles

UPDATE: The Deborah Brown Community School administrators held a meeting Monday night, September 9, and voted to change the wording of their policy that led to one 7-year-old girl's being sent home for wearing her hair in dreadlocks—though that will not convince the girl's family to keep her in that school. Tiana Parker has already enrolled and been accepted elsewhere. ...more
Having archaic rules on the books is one thing, enforcing them is another. I got mad. My 14 year ...more

Black Woman, Long Dreadlocks

I am 41 and after 18 years of having dreadlocks I am just beginning to love them. Heck I'm just beginning to love myself. It's weird, most people at this point are normally contemplating the big cut. Not me, my hair is as healthy, long and beautiful as ever....more

My Dread Locks Journey Pt 1

When I first asked family how they thought I would look in dread locks the looks of horror I received were disturbing.  At first I cared, somewhat, then I thought 'wait a second' I am almost 46!  I'm a independent, free thinking, feminist woman!  Who the hell cares what other people think?...more

I'm all over the place today (because of my mom)

Blog Directory My mom is driving me all over the place today so I've tacked on a map all the places I'd rather be than her nagging me about my hair getting in my way, about me not wearing make-up, for slouching, for fore-going any dates and falling asleep before nine pm....more