What Does My Dream Mean??

Have you ever had a dream wake you up in the middle of the night? Maybe you woke up in tears or scared of something? Or maybe you woke up and wished you could go back to sleep because your dream was just getting to the good part.  Whatever it might be, it can be confusing as to why you are having a certain type of dream....more

10 Ways to Return to Joy

Things are back in full swing, trailing the giddy expectations of New Year resolutions, goals, plans…needed one, inspiring ones, shoot-for-the-moon ones. All of which now bear the faint discoloration that comes from being doused in twenty-four-hour increments of alarm clocks, computer-glossed eyes, and sticky-fingerprints left on your pant legs....more

Head in the Clouds? That's Okay!!!

Friday Find ~ I Found My Head in the Clouds and I Found ClaritySometimes the clouds give us peace and clarity. ...more

May 21st 1993 – Adventures in Dream Land

Here I am again at 10:30am to write about last night adventures in dream land. Well, there was a party! I got really drunk and I didn’t remember most of it, but I do remember that houses. At least on the outside, they were terrace houses and they were virtually identical. Other than their color, just a fraction of a shade different! But I noticed it and kept staring at the line where the two houses met. Examining it, and looking at the two houses and finding every difference I could....more

Looking Within for Happiness and Fulfilling Dreams.

Happiness is essential in fulfilling our dreams. That happiness can be derailed by searching for it in various areas–like our careers, marriages, becoming parents, finances, and social status. Those areas can easily fail us, in seeking that happiness, because they’re dependent on outside sources. We seek happiness from outside sources instead of within ourselves.What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lives within us. ―Henry David Thoreau...more


This picture is of my daughter from when she was a few months old. Looking beyond the camera, she is trying to grasp something just in front of her. It is an effort, a struggle and requires uninterrupted concentration to achieve the task. Focus and determination are needed and there is no room for doubt - for a child of this age has no idea what doubt even is or means. The purest form of setting a goal and achieving it - right here in this photo....more

Grateful Monday: What is Your Dream?

 What Is Your Dream?* My dream is that the trajectory of our world shifts in a major way.  That a sustainable future for all becomes the highest value.  That those that ‘have’ use their resources for the good of all and that those that ‘don’t have’ are given the means to live with dignity and peace.  My dream is that being kind, generous and giving becomes a higher priority than being powerful, dominant and right.  That barriers of all kinds (race, religion, sex, politics,) give way to Oneness.  ...more

Terrific Tuesday - Imagination

Terrific Tuesday - I love my imagination, it is terrific....more


Dream and verse,On loggerheads,Fist fightingTo prove their worth!Says dream to verse,"Look at my might! -I dwell in the mind,Visible - with eyes shut.A world of my own,Unfolding mystical images,Magical stories,Told impromptu!"Verse looks throughIn cogitation.Parts her lipsAnd says to dream." I flowIn visuals etched in words,Sketched in thoughts,Abstract, stream like,Articulate.Baring the soulTo the beholder!"" Is it greater to see without vision,Or feel without it?"Together they wonder aloud.Together their voices merge,Creating an echo so strongThat they shudder at its strength.Dream and verse,Join hands,In partnership, agreeing to shareThe privilege to create,One, a spin off of the other,Inspiring, invoking,Many an expression,Scribbling scenes thatAppear in closed eyesAnd open hearts,Reaping heaps of hopes!...more

Thrilling Thursday - Thinking Like Anything is Possible

Thrilling Thursday - it is thrilling to be able to think like anything is possible.Throughout the month of August the Thrilling Thursday posts have been about thinking differently. This Thrilling Thursday the post is about thinking as if anything was possible. Imagine a world where anything is possible. Living a life where if your mind thinks of it and your heart believes it, you accomplish it. There are no limits on what you can do. Isn't that a wonderful world?...more