Dream Big This Year

When you get to the end of the year and start making goals for the next year, do you wonder if you are dreaming too big?Do your dreams and goals seem unattainable? Impossible?Can I encourage you this year to dream big? But dream big with God next year....more

Top Five Tuesday...

Last week, J and I watched a show about Lottery winners. One of the women featured said she always believed she would win so she went about her life as though she already had the money. She sought the advice of a money manager, she consulted a real estate agent and researched neighborhoods where she might want to live…she made plans as though she was already rich. Oh…and she wrote $120,000,000 on a piece of paper and slept with it under her pillow. And she won $120,000,000 in the lottery. Coincidence? I think not. I think this woman is on to something....more

Thinking Big! "Why Not?"

Yun and kids visited an old friend on Christmas day.  A single mother, she is determined to be all she can be.  Indeed, she has been many women, and has done many things….. multi-degreed  black-belt martial artist, a physicist and a scientist, an astronaut want to be, a marathon runner, a ‘good witch’ who lives in mystery, a loyal friend, a devoted Catholic…you name it, she is it  and she does it! “Why not?”  If one  would ask her such a question, that’s  what she’d answer....more

A Letter To My Kids: My Declaration of Acceptance & Love

I had an odd thing happen to me recently. I was eulogized as someone I used to be. I know that sounds odd, because I am me - always have been, always will be. It's true that I have found courage through my years to put others' expectations behind me, striving every day to stay loyal to my heart.I understand that there are some who will simply never be capable of getting past appearances; will never be able to understand that the blinders of faith are not for everyone; that the dreams of one are not the dreams of all. I get that. I do. It's unfortunate, but it's reality....more