You Can Do It! Yes, You Can! Your Adventure Starts Here

In these first few hours following the most amazing presidential election in my lifetime (in the history of this country!) I am stuck on the thought that no matter what you want out of life, it is do-able. Dreams do become reality. So today, while the hum of possibility still electrifies the air, think about what inspires you. Think about the adventurous path you want to follow. Grab a piece of paper and write down what you want to accomplish in life. Tack it to your refrigerator, look at it everyday and say to yourself, "I can do it, yes I can!" ...more

Have you ever considered walking a marathon?

It’s something I’ve been seriously thinking about. I know that there are quite a few Iowa Avenue readers who compete in marathons, and are even triathletes. Quite a few, also, are training for both marathons and triathlons. I want to “fitness walk” a marathon. ...more

I realize it is two years later but did you do it?

I did my half marathon 7 years ago. I'd ...more

I have a dream!

I  have  a dream   ...more

 Sorry! i dont was been remembered to tell u ..if u will reading and seeing me in my personal ...more

la familia mazunte, soñadores

the shaman who gave us his blessing repeated, again and again, "for health, for wealth, for mind, for heart, for the next generation...". he said, "you must stay together always" and he beat his man-made bird's wing on our bodies, blew resin smoke in our faces, shoved mats of lemongrass under our feet, and in each of our hands placed an offering (to our collective soul, i suppose). ...more

thanks for posting this. it's like dreaming.





What is your dream?

A few years ago I read a story called The Dream Giver by Bruce Wilkinson. I was inspired by it and I just knew that the message of the book was true for my life as well. The Dream Giver has placed in each one of us a DREAM that excites us and spurs us on toward the things that the He would have us do. ...more

My Bigger Game

A year and a half ago, I attended a workshop called The Bigger Game. I wasn't looking for a workshop. In fact, a life coach I knew called and said “we have a space, you should come”. It was an unusual call. I hadn't talked to her in close to a year. She had no idea what had been rolling around in my head. I didn't really know what The Bigger Game was or why I should be there, but I went. ...more