The American Dream: Do Immigrants Have A Say?

We were sitting in People’s Park off Kirkwood, which is one of the main student drags. I was with 3 other girls for our summer weekly Book Nosh, and we were about to dig into some of the characters of CS Lewis’ The Great Divorce. Everyone was slurping up some iced coffee drinks and other summery liquid confections, and in a wonderful mood, I think, with the air cooling down, the sun slowly setting though it was still quite light out. And then 2 young men walked up and asked out of the blue:Can we ask you a question? What do you think about the American Dream?...more
So true, that the "American Dream" is so usually referred to only in sarcasm or as a punchline. ...more

Obama Speaks On Immigration Reform: Fewer Jobs for Illegal Aliens, Fewer Illegal Aliens

When Barack Obama took the podium at American University today in Washington, D.C., specifically to address immigration reform, expectations were high that he would directly address the issue of the existing controversial Arizona legislation as well as propose an alternate plan. ...more
@lttlelindsey They're  "real" criminals out there!!! What are you planning to charge them with?? ...more