Nothing motivates the creation of a poorly-made craft like the prospect of a good night’s sleep.It’s 8:07 p.m., and my kids are eating a bedtime snack. The conversation goes something like this:MOMMY: You have to stay in your own bed tonight, Lily. Daddy is pretty sick with a cold and we can’t have you coming in our bed again.LILY: Well, can you at least put a sleeping bag down on the floor??!?...more

Banishing Nightmares with the Dreamcatcher

My daughter came home from working late to find my nine-year-old grandson hiding in the bathroom, crouched in a corner, crying. He’d had a nightmare. “Mommy, I dreamt that we were going on vacation; we all got on different planes—me, you, daddy and my brother—and when we got there we couldn’t find each other.” My oldest daughter has two boys, nine and ten years-old, and she is recently divorced. The breakup has left the boys devastated, but the youngest is really affected and often has nightmares.“Legend of the Dreamcatcher”...more
@elaineR.N. And you know that I know and understand just what you are talking about. Isn't ...more