Much Too Soon

This was the scene here Friday. You can see the white stuff, but you can’t hear or feel the howling wind. It was a pretty nasty day outside, so much so that marching band was canceled for the playoff football game that night. This was the 4th time marching band had been canceled this fall due to inclement weather. It’s been a disappointing season for my son’s senior year....more

What Does My Dream Mean??

Have you ever had a dream wake you up in the middle of the night? Maybe you woke up in tears or scared of something? Or maybe you woke up and wished you could go back to sleep because your dream was just getting to the good part.  Whatever it might be, it can be confusing as to why you are having a certain type of dream....more

We Bought The Farm: A Story Of Dreams Coming True

"If you were to examine our finances, peek at our credit and plan things out it’s really quite unattainable.  On the other hand, Handsome Hippie Hubby and I have never put much stock in the words “that’s just not realistic.”  Things that are meant to be have a way of coming to pass."...more
Life Breath Present  Wow! What a beautiful comment! I'm so glad that this was an encouragement ...more

Music Monday! Counting Stars

Lately I've been losing sleepDreaming about the things we could beBut baby I've been, I've been praying hardSaid no more counting dollarsWe'll be counting stars, yeah we'll be counting stars ...more

What Happens When You Dream

 My husband has a dreamer's heart and a realist's brain. I love this about him. It allows him to dream big without fear but actually think about and consider the little details. If I'm honest with myself, I'm a wannabe dreamer with a planner's brain....more

Dare to Dream or Dare to Risk?

I have racked my brain all day trying to think of the one website or blog I wish I had come up with, and I have come to one answer: none.  I want to come up with my own, totally unique blog that attracts thousands, no millions of readers.  Oh well, I am a long way off from that dream.I will never reach that dream, however, if I don't try and avoid taking the necessary risks to make it come true.  Dreams and risks go hand in hand.  You dare to dream, and you dare to risk....more

Sleeping Dogs. What Do They Dream About?

I could be perfectly happy just sitting and watching my dogs all day long. I especially love to watch them sleep.  So when my friend, Yvonne sent this video to me, I just had to share.  It also reminded me of an article I wrote a few years ago about Kylie as a pup, watching her as she was dreaming, which I share below.  Hope you enjoy both.Sleeping Dogs VideoThe Dance of a Dogs Dreams...more

Midlife Nightmares

Are you a dreamer? A friend told me recently that she never dreams. In fact, she is so worried about not being able to remember her dreams that she is thinking of seeking medical help.Many women in their forties and early fifties have exactly the opposite problem. Their dreams are intense, frightening and all too memorable and the anxiety experienced in these bad dreams sometimes lingers long after waking....more

Autumn dreaming

Autumn - cosy sweaters, red and orange leaves crunching underfoot, cupped hands around steaming mugs of hot chocolate or apple cider - is by far my most beloved time of the year. Yes, yes, I know it's still August! Nevertheless, each year around this time the plethora of "Back to School" flyers, an occasional whisper of a chill in the air, and flipping through the pages full of possibility in the new fall community activity guides each cause a small thrill of excitement to bubble up despite the actual date on the calendar... ...more

Your Daily Reading: “Living Wide Awake™” Dreaming Someone to You 12/29/11

Dreaming of your ideal love today. Cooperate with the real circumstances, rather than what you wish for in a relationship. Opposing Energies: disappointment, romantic delays, misunderstandings...more