Trembling in the wind of desolation

Your absence is filtering beneath my covers. My head is full of ancient dreams. It is quiet and even the walls in my room look asleep. Only the lost lullaby is drifting slowly above my bed. Once there was warm silky summer but Now deep in the dead of the night The headless bodies are listening. I look out of the dirty window Shaped against the harsh world of reality. The night behind is senseless and Every shape in it is magical. I still hope to see the blue enchanted morning When my heart is born again But the wind of desolation is too strong. ...more

Confessions of an Insomniac: Babies, babies and more babies

It serves me right for making fun of the furniture dream … I used to think babies were evil. I would cover my ears when they would scream or cry. They were all disgusting no matter what they did. Babies are always puking and pooping. And, for some reason, moms have no shame and want to show you what their new baby has done. This used to not be cute to me … Read more of this entry >> ...more

Great leap of faith

The dream of the house became unbearable today. It seemed so far away, with time running out. I've been waiting for the final piece of the puzzle - the one thing that would bring it all together. I waited. I waited and tried to let go, really I did. Images of me at that house flipped through my mind, like some kind of crazy slide show. I saw myself there, sleeping, writing, having a real life. Then I looked at who I was, and where I was. There was a gap between the possessed and the predicted. How would I ever get from here to there? ...more

Faith Fuel

Vocabulary Victory I've been telling my seventeen year old that he needs to know what "lugubrious" and "salacious" mean- I have a feeling he'll see them on the SATS he is taking again in October. When I was in high school, I was in Advanced Placement English- and we had twenty vocabulary words a week to memorize. I remember those two words from that time- and I think I even had them on my SAT exam. Lugubrious means mournful, but I couldn't remember what salacious means until I looked it up and found it means lustful or obscene. Yuk. Stay away from anything that is salacious! ...more