The Secret to Transform Your Holiday Stress

Is holiday stress getting to you? Does it seem as if there is so much to do? Are you worrying about how it will all turn out? . . ...more

Let's Take A Closer Look

Do you want to talk over an important issue or challenge that you are facing right now? ...more

Going Within

Going within.Getting inside the canvas - like getting inside my soul.Feeling so bland, as if numbers mattered - the definition of bland! Seeking passion instead - the heat within the veins: blood, pulse, heart, guts, visceral, pumping, raw.(One day later) Back to the silence.I can feel more here.I can feel my heartreturning, warmingslowlyslowly.My insides coming to lifeslowlyso,slowlysoft and warm and fluttering (and French!)...more

I THINK I Believe in Being Positive. Maybe (Barefoot on the Ground)

Oh, Lord, I believe, help thou my unbelief" used to be one of my favorite prayers--along with "Send my roots rain," and "please, please, please let there be enough money in my account to cover that last check."  (I don't know if it's true there are no atheists in foxholes, but I'm pretty damn sure there aren't too many the day before payday when you really needed that check two days earlier.)...more

Cheating on Anguilla

I have a confession to make. * deep breath * You see… I’ve made plans to visit another island besides Anguilla, and I’m feeling pretty guilty about it....more

What's your passion?

So you’re forty, or at least quickly heading in that direction. What are you passionate about? Is it different now than when you were thirty? ...more

Hi Tamiel,

This is great! Would you mind if I post this on the my Women at Forty blog? ...more

From a Mother's Heart

It seems like only yesterday that I held my new born son in my arms--where have the years gone by? It was only a few years ago that he started nursery school and now he is now ending one chapter in his life and beginning a new one.  His commencement  was a beautiful event. The principal's message was very eloquent - part of it included this beautiful passage ...more

Things I have learned in Life

Do you ever feel some days like it can't get worse, then it does? So it can't get any worser, right? But it does.. again.. I had one of those weekends, as a matter of fact I think I have ha one of those lives.. ...more