The G Word

What is the gap between what you love and what you are doing right now? If there is no gap, then there is no problem. If you would like to do less of what you have been doing and more of what you love, there is a way. . ...more

Step Into the Spotlight

I used to wear my sister's hand me down clothes. They were cute and I loved them because she had worn them. She had a furry turquoise coat that I was in love with. Then we both grew up and her old clothes didn't seem to fit me anymore. We both saw it, moved on and like wearing our own clothes now. This same thing happens in life and we may not notice it until we stop and take a moment to think. To reflect. To examine what we are doing. It could be that the story that worked well for us awhile ago isn't working so well now. ...more


"Those who dance are considered insane by those who cannot hear the music." - George Carlin ...more

I'll Have Tomorrow's Special

Have you ever been sitting in a restaurant looking over a great menu and when it's your turn to order a meal, you momentarily draw a blank? Hmmmmm. You can't think of anything so for a few seconds you sputter. You were just carefully considering several appetizing food selections and now . nothing. You can't figure out what you want and it is disconcerting. So you settle. You order something because it will do. It sounds okay and you need to get your order into the kitchen. ...more

Don't Go It Alone Forever

Tired of the run around? Sick of scams and websites that seem to offer something along the lines of a pyramid scheme? I won't lead you through a wild goose chase of hard sell marketing paragraphs only to drop you flat at the bottom of the page while I ask for your credit card number and line my own pockets.I'm not going to tell you my coaching will help you make $1000 a day while your work from home. It won't get rid of wrinkles with two ingredients and it won't whiten your teeth. It won't find your soulmate in 90 days. ...more

Night Awakenings

I wake up with a start, old worn out memories surface of hurt and an ache that lies deep within my soul.  I thought I was past all of that 'stuff'.  I say to myself in the darkness of my bedroom, "Let it go"  "Let it go".  I struggle to change how I feel, going through the gauntlet of the 'should haves and could haves' as I rerun each sorrid event through my mind.  Maybe I am not so enlightened if I can remember the pain, in the dark of night, hurt feelings of years gone by.  Why now?  After so many years of 'not remembering'?  At that moment, the question go ...more

It can be just as difficult to accept the joy and the blessings that come our way as it can ...more

Road Trip!

When was the last time you took a road trip?  Did you enjoy it?    It might have gone a little something like this:  You planned where you were going and approximately how long it would take to drive there.  You cleared your schedule so you could make it happen.  You packed the car, got gas, selected your music, maybe threw in a few drinks and snacks and got behind the wheel.  You probably stopped for gas a few times, took a few breaks, maybe slept overnight somewhere.  And lo and behold - you arrived at your destination. ...more

The Map of Your Future

Living the life you imagine for yourself takes hard work.  But not as hard work as NOT living the life you imagine.  Consciously combine your knowledge, your feelings and your action to create the life you dream of. Here are 4 foundational steps to achieving your personal and financial potential.  1.     Figure out who you are and what you want in specific detail.  Know yourself and what you value.  Seek out new experiences, information and people.  ...more

A Family Time Lesson

I'm blessed that all four of mine were together this year, for our last family spring break. I say the last; because my oldest is headed to college next year and the breaks don't line up….I have found myself sighing a lot more than usual, that's for sure. His future is exciting. The roots we've provided have given him the wings he needs to select a university across the country from home. And that's what parents give their children—roots and wings. ...more