GOOD-Getting Out Our Dreams

As I'm sure you know GOOD (Getting Out Our Dreams) is Kanye West's record label and home of John Legend and Common.  If you did not know, then you are now so informed.  Rest easy.  This is not a promo for Mr. West.  He is one of the kings of promotion and certainly does not need me to be his hype artist.  What I will hype, however, is the concept of following your dreams.  Whether you are like G Peezy and pursuing your standup comedy or like Mr. ...more

where did my life go

Does pain make you alive? ...more


"Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see the shadow." - Helen Keller ...more


"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their own dreams." - Eleanor Roosevelt     ...more

How I Spent My Valentine's Day. Full Story!!!

Most of the story, anyway.  Took place over 5 hours.  Details must be lost in the wash. I packed a backpack, suitcase, and the 5 foot canvas heart to bring to the space–(the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts). ...more

Dreams Fulfilled - Journeys to Science Ph.D Bloggers

Visibility.  There is still a need to document the work being done by women, particularly in the sciences. It is even more important to educate people outside of the science world because it can literally save lives. More on that later in my post. One of the benefits of going to a science blog is that another person is telling me they are traveling the distance between a dream and actuality. If they can do it maybe I can too. ...more

As a woman (and mother!) who spent more than a couple years in academic psychology I can ...more

Following your dream

I had the most interesting conversation this morning (love when that happens)! I was talking with a friend about “life dreams”. My friend claims that she does not know what her dream is, and she really wants to figure it out. How does one go about finding their dream? Not an easy question to answer! Some people are very aware and know exactly what their dream is…that’s great! Others, like my friend, have no idea…(personally, I think we all know, but we bury the dream because of fear or self ...more

Gathering Twigs

I just finished reading The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho. The book was a bit more whimsical than I'm used to, but I found it charming and thought-provoking. Paulo used his imagination to creatively communicate the importance of chasing one's dreams, and the importance of every single step along the way. A particular quote struck me: "It's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting." Read more at ...more

My Wild Pure Heart

Last Saturday I had a conversation with the wonderful Leonie Allan. Her voice alone is magical, add her soulful laughter & words of wisdom and all you can do is take deep breaths and listen. To her and to the voice of your own heart. No matter where we are in life or live on this planet or what we do, we all -from time to time- need to be reminded that we have a voice and that it needs to be heard. Leonie reminded me, and I'm so very grateful that she did. ...more

I Have a Dream

I'm going through something. At first I thought I was pregnant again, since I haven't felt this out of sorts since my first trimester with babygirl in my belly. But turns out that isn't it. Maybe it's my new and improved diet. I normally use food for comfort, but now that I'm trying to eat better, I don't feel comfort-ed? -able? Is it possible to have food withdrawals? After three days?... Read more at ...more