My Wild Pure Heart

Last Saturday I had a conversation with the wonderful Leonie Allan. Her voice alone is magical, add her soulful laughter & words of wisdom and all you can do is take deep breaths and listen. To her and to the voice of your own heart. No matter where we are in life or live on this planet or what we do, we all -from time to time- need to be reminded that we have a voice and that it needs to be heard. Leonie reminded me, and I'm so very grateful that she did. ...more

I Have a Dream

I'm going through something. At first I thought I was pregnant again, since I haven't felt this out of sorts since my first trimester with babygirl in my belly. But turns out that isn't it. Maybe it's my new and improved diet. I normally use food for comfort, but now that I'm trying to eat better, I don't feel comfort-ed? -able? Is it possible to have food withdrawals? After three days?... Read more at ...more


Are you always in first person in your dreams? I am. I don't see myself; I am the actor and I see the events as they are happening to me. This morning after an unpleasant dream, not a nightmare, just strangely, weirdly, somewhat uncomfortable story, which kept me awake in its recalling, I must have dozed off again and I had perhaps the most wonderful dream ever:  I saw my mother. ...more

Take time for yourself, Your future starts now!

Wow! It’s the New Year, and the perfect time to make include some well deserved “me time” on your New Year’s resolution list. It’s a challenge in today’s world to get away for a while, but taking a break is necessary for your well being. So, if you can, head to the hills, the ocean—or even a hotel for a night or a weekend. This will give you some time to think, plan and dream. Chances are good that you’ll return recharged and ready to take on the world. ...more

Keeping a Journal in 2009 and Other Dangerous Pursuits

Keeping A Journal And Other Dangerous Pursuits I have had a love affair...with journals. ...more

I woke up screaming.

  At 5 am… I dreamed I was near a friend’s house. This friend had a lot of dogs, one being her beloved old pitbull-esque creature with a gruff, distinctive bark. I’ll call him “Ralph.” ...more

Set Goals, Make Friends in the Process: Announcing Accountability Girlfriends

Just in time for New Year's Resolutions, I've started a new network called Accountability Girlfriends. If you've been tempted to not even bother setting goals this year, think again. Maybe you just need a cheerleading team to encourage you and push you a bit. This new social network will give you the chance to set goals and share them with other women. We'll all help keep you accountable so that you can make more happen in your life. ...more

Dream spam

According to the hubby, I was talking in my sleep and giving out my email address to unknown dream world recipients. I wonder what kind of spam I'll get from the dream world? Maybe something like the following exciting offers: ...more

When Do Dreams Die?

“Hold fast to dreams for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly.” ~ Langston Hughes Dreams can be beautiful things. Having a cherished dream can be a source of motivation, of sustenance, of hope. We are encouraged to dream big and just as we support the dreams of those we care for, they encourage us in our pursuit of our dreams. ...more

I think that's one important factor - you have to pay attention to whether or not that fire and ...more

BEYOND ASTROLOGY; PSYCHIC HOROSCOPES. Touch (gem) stones for the Zodiac.Go green.

This time, Bob Dylan is running through my mental radio: "Everybody must get stones!" My interpretation is a psychic/Zodiac take on this  well-known Dylan lyric . I refer here, not to drugs, but to gem "touch" stones appropriate for each Sun Sign. Stones can be powerful mind and mood enhancers. And they are perfectly safe, without side effects - except for good luck and good energy, of course. You may be experiencing a bit of turbulence, right about now, so time to grab a touch (gem) stone and get centered. ...more