Today Love Wants You to Know #3

You know exactly how you got here. It was all that hard work. No need to be “surprised” that your dream is finally either right there on your lap or just around the corner. You deserve it, and your soul has always known that. And if you just thought to yourself, “Well THIS message sure isn’t meant for me today," you can right now, this very minute, decide that it is! ...more

in my dreams, kitties wear wigs!

Dear Elsie, We dreamt about you last night---your daddy and I. Two dreams in perfect synergy...all about you, our little kitten. (Okay, in reality, I think dreams are actually all about the dreamer. But let's not crush the romanticism, 'kay Els!) My dream was more on the practical side. I was trying to establish a feeding schedule, checking to see if you were full, changing your diaper, negotiating a kind of breast-feeding shawl...a logistics hell. I awoke feeling anxious and overworked. ...more

la familia mazunte, soñadores

the shaman who gave us his blessing repeated, again and again, "for health, for wealth, for mind, for heart, for the next generation...". he said, "you must stay together always" and he beat his man-made bird's wing on our bodies, blew resin smoke in our faces, shoved mats of lemongrass under our feet, and in each of our hands placed an offering (to our collective soul, i suppose). ...more

thanks for posting this. it's like dreaming.





Wide imaginings, big prayers and huge dreams

I was tired of puny dreams. I was tired of praying too small, dreaming too small, envisioning too teeny a life. I had painted my soul into a corner and she was needing to stretch her legs. ...more

Interesting -- thx mucho. I just moved back to New England, so we'll see if I see more about it ...more

Cozy up to Dariea

So you want to know, where you’ve landed and what’s this about? I’m Katerina Smith an Internet marketer, I’ve been pushing pixels since 1999. I started after having enough of 60+ hour work weeks, that left me drained, tired, and cranky with no time for my family or friends. Although I would like to say I left corporate America willingly, in actuality I was laid off when the start-up company I worked for had to cut expenses. ...more

Play Time with Sassy's Psyche

The other day I was thinking about dreams and how they can be used to heal. For instance, after my high school boyfriend Gabriel and I broke up freshman year of college I went into a major downward spiral-depression, self destruction, what have you. ...more

A Woman Veteran

At the age of seventeen, I never thought that at 25 years of age, I would be labeled as having “Combat-related Post-traumatic Stress Disorder”, or “PTSD.” Then again, I never saw myself as a war veteran either. With all that is going on in the world, those that suffer the most are the ones that outwardly show no signs of suffering at all. Post-traumatic stress disorder is defined by most to be an anxiety disorder , that a person develops after witnessing a life altering event that threatened their life; therefore causing a person to have reoccurring reactions to past events. ...more

Thank you for the sacrifices you have made and continue to make in dealing with PTSD.
I hope ...more


Dreams Some are small, simple, compact. Some are large, like an all-encompassing explosion. Many are a longing to get the bills paid with some change left over. A few are humanitarian and reach out and beyond what the dreamer can see in his own corner of the world. I have a dream, and so do you, and you, and almost everyone. On this day we honor a dreamer most wonderful famous far-reaching assassinated. On this day, let us also honor all dreams and dreamers who aspire for nothing more and nothing less then to better the state of the human condition. ...more

The road to glory is paved with delusions

The Winter Olympics are headed to Whistler, British Columbia in 2010 and their imminent arrival in my home country has got me thinking a lot about Olympic glory. My own Olympic glory. For me. I’m serious. Check out the rest at: ...more

Happy New Year!

Welcome to 2008, and a very Happy New Year to you! I'm spending New Year's Day my usual way: obsessively bringing things into present time. My contacts, calendars, home, music, etc... have all been going through this update for weeks now as I have been preparing to create in 2008. ...more