Fierce In Red!!!

Let’s talk red! Red is a color that makes every woman stands out whether you are wearing RED lip stick, your nails are painted Red or if you really want to make a statement wear a RED dress!...more

The Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Right Bra for Your Holiday Dress

The holiday’s are here and no matter your size, shape or age, a cute holiday dress is a statement piece that every lady needs in her winter wardrobe. No matter which dress you’ve chosen to wear for your next holiday party, the right bra is the base of a perfect look, and it's important to figure out which bra works with the style of your outfit....more

Ball Gown Decisions

It's that time of year again.  Time to decide on an evening dress for the December Ball.  Last year, I was fortunate to find a beautiful gown with weeks to spare.  I found it on Amazon for only $40!  And it arrived in the mail just in time for the event....more

Yoga Pants And Dress Codes: A Response

     I saw this article a few days ago titled, "Why Yoga Pants Are Incredibly Dangerous to Today's Youth."  I read it.  Then, I read it again.  Then, I dove head first into the mountain of comments at the bottom, fully knowing that it was going to get ugly.  I can't shake this article, so I wanted to write a response to it....more
TaTyanaLeonard I went and read your post.  It touches on the same things but you also have some ...more

How To Find The Best Clothes For an Inverted Triangle Shaped Body

Are you top heavy? Do you have broad shoulders? You're probably an inverted triangle....more

The Best Clothes For A Triangle Shaped Body

When you have a triangle shaped body, your hips and thighs are bigger than your shoulders and bust. You've probably heard your body described as pear-shaped. At AbbeyPost, we refer to the different body types as geometric shapes since there isn't a fruit for every body type, but there is a different geometric shape for every body....more

Plum cocktail dress

Be A Crafter xDHonestly, how many cocktail dresses you have? And I think you can make one more :)...more

The Unruled tank dress

Be A Crafter xDFrom time to time, I find myself into whimsical and unruly stuffs that came from sudden inspiration... and I learnt how to embrace it.This pattern was drafted as a nightgown but I like how it turned out xD...more

Easy oversized dress

Be A Crafter xDLoose and Oversized style seems always " in". This fashion trend looks ideal for different body figures, it can be both tomboyish and girlie, too....more