Coral Floral.

The weather is (slowly) changing, but that doesn't mean I'm ready to completely forgo bright prints in favor of darker color palettes....more

Blue Ruffled Chambray.

I've been raving about ...more

High Navy.

A navy tent dress with a high collar is a great closet staple....more

Blue Babydoll.

I'm not one for super cutesy pieces, so babydoll dresses aren't typically my jam....more

Meet Princess Awesome! (Girls can like Dinosaurs, Pirates and Airplanes too!)

I am so impressed by Moms.  Really.  Some of you ladies really take my breath away with all of the hats that you wear and all of the things that you accomplish.  Recently I decided to start a series of posts hi lighting some crafty ladies.  Really, I wish I was able to do what you do.  You see, I am a #PinterestAlwaysFail.  Bless my own heart, I really try....more

Coming Up Roses.

Sleeves in late July? Not normally.But I’ll make an exception for this dress.When Swell sent me this dark floral number, the boho vibe caused me to immediately picture wearing it with tall leather boots usually reserved for fall. Bridget Bardot in the ‘burbs, or something like that....more

Get Dressy.

I love dresses like this. A classic color palette + cut, with some sass in the form of an open back and a faux leather collar. All I needed to do to complete the outfit was throw on a pair of shoes– nude strappy sandals with a snakeskin platform did the trick. Beyond easy, yet the pay-off ranked up a few style points. ...more

Green Swing + Bumble and bumble.

This dress is seven years old. No joke.I got it in London while on an unforgettable holiday with my best friend. We had just graduated college and were ready to take on the world– and Topshop, of course. Oxford Circus, represent....more

Trying to get things together

It’s the social season…the one that comes once every twenty years.Easter is coming, then graduations and weddings. I have one new dress and a possible second one that for back-up.I always have been a homebody. Party time has never been my favorite.But for certain, occasions, you MUST participate and try to clean yourself up. I do draw the line at high heels, as grace is not my strong suit.Jim has his suit ready to go,so stay tuned.Film at 11....more

Classic Prom

It seems that Prom is right around the corner and one of the top places I’ve come across, that offer a wide range of these classic prom looks is View Post...more