Feminine Style for Very Special Occasions

Forget the gender wars and embrace your best feature: femininity. From the top of your head to the tip of your toes, get girled out -- because when you're all woman, your confidence soars and people will smell it a mile away. I'm dusting off my copy of The Bombshell Manual of Style for this one. Trust me, follow the author's advice and you'll have the wolves howling at the moon. ...more

Five New Year's Eve Style Inspirations

Please don’t tell me that you are planning to spend another New Year’s Eve wrapped up under your blankets with your furry friend Snookums by your side. Between the economy, divisive elections, and national tragedies, there is no denying that 2012 was a super difficult year (well, at least it was for me.)  But we made it! How about we end this year and start the new one off right by celebrating our successes, perseverance, and resilience by getting up, getting out, and doing something? ...more
I agree with the other ladies. I really love that last outfit!more

Geeked Out

I may regret posting this Halloween costume of mine on my website. But I loved it, and I wanted to show you guys how geeked out I was when I was suited up as Mary Katherine Gallagher from a Saturday Night Live skit.Scott told me that I acted her out too well, and I was scaring him. HAHA!!...more

I'm in a [I don't work a corporate job] Style Slump

Will someone please nominate me for What Not to Wear?...more

Oh honey, you can still be sexy with curves, you just have to redfine and refine. You body, it ...more

Halloween Costume?

When I worked in the city, many lunch hours were spent in a department stores trying on dressy dresses, just for fun.  So, it shouldn’t be a shock that I love nothing more than dressing up in a Halloween costume.  My husband Marc, on the other hand, not so much…. Several weeks before Halloween, our friends invited us to join them for dinner at their country club on Halloween weekend.  The one requirement was that we had to come in a costume.  Needless to say, I was thrilled at the opportunity to dress up.  Marc didn’t share my enthusiasm.  His first rea...more

Dressing Up: Tips for Playing it Safe in Costumes

Hallelujah Day Early on, my brother and I dressed up as Bible characters and went to the "Hallelujah Festival" at our Christian school ...more

New Age Dress-ups

My Aunt looked after the twins today while my husband and I were doing school stuff with the fifteen year old. She reported this episode to us.4 year old: "What are those..you know... those white things on ladies heads that go like this..."(makes flowing motion).Aunt: (after a few minutes of to-ing and fro-ing) "Oh, you mean a veil ... the ladies are brides".4 year old: "Yeah ... A whale. I really like those whales. They're so pretty...can I get one for me?"...more

fantasy friday: marchesa fall 2010

When I saw the photos of Blake Lively in this blue Marchesa number at the Met Gala last week, I was immediately forced to see what else {the oh-so-chic} Georgina Chapman had been busy designing....more

Flip flops are not real shoes. No, they're not.

It’s full-on winter where many of us live, with full-on winter weather yet some people are still wearing flip flops. At my local coffee shop, people close the door quickly, shiver and remark how cold it is. They wear parkas and  puffy coats. They’re in warm pants. A couple read their Sunday papers, sipping and chatting.  Both wore fuzzy vests. Both wore turtlenecks.  Both wore winter pants.  She wore boots with thick socks. He wore flip flops. ...more

Kids and Sexy Costumes: The Problem With Halloween

Poor Halloween. It's become its own little Las Vegas, the city once known as Sin, then known as fun for the whole family, then back to the city of illict debauchery (“What Happens Here, Stays Here,” 2005), then on to the city you want to be seen in (“Your Vegas Is Showing,” 2008). Of course, unlike Las Vegas, Halloween doesn't have a marketing campaign. There are millions of hands in this pot, hands that belong to us now, and hands that have been there since the first millennium. ...more
@avflox Excellent point. I think we just view Halloween through different, but equally fun prisms.more