Mommy's Clubbing Attire Offends Teacher

Let’s say you’re an elementary school teacher and your students’ moms show up to a parent conference in low cut shirts, mini skirts or tight jeans.  Would it be appropriate to write a note asking them to dress “discreetly” for conferences instead? A rather humorous letter was sent to advice columnist “Ask Amy” in The Los Angeles Times earlier this week…...more

Wearing My Pearl Earrings

Working from home most of the time these days, means that it’s easy to get into a dressing rut.  I mean no one else is  going to see me.  I don’t have to wear suits.  Don’t have to wear make-up.  Don’t even need to make sure that my clothes match. Unless I want to. ...more

What to wear out on the town

I am a big believer in basics, in the idea that there are pieces in your closet that you fall back on constantly, pieces that work together and work for your life, and that those pieces are where you should spend your money, in order to have the most functional closet possible. Not every woman's basics are the same, but each of us is passionate about our basics. The dilemma, though, with the basics wardrobe is that it is geared toward the things we do all the time. Stay-home moms tend to own more yoga pants than their office-bound peers, for example. It's just a fact of life. ...more

What a pretty blouse that is! I'm so sick and tired of those smock thingies that this gives me ...more

Tunic dresses and footless tights: A how-to guide

Tired of jeans and a tee for casual wear? Looking for something that is AS comfortable as your yoga pants but just a LITTLE nicer looking? I have the answer: a tunic dress and a pair of footless tights. Like the classic jeans and a tee look, this requires no elaborate planning; like the ubiquitous sweat suit, it is comfy and cozy. But unlike both of those options, a dress is a more grown up, thoughtful, elegant look. Even when the dress is essentially an overgrown sweater. Banana Republic jersey tunic dress, $98.00 ...more

It’s time that we ALL wear leggings. Choose a well made pair - not with cotton fibers that bag ...more